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5 Dope Skull Tattoos That'll Make You Want to Shave Your Head

It’s hard to say exactly when tattoos expanded beyond their beginnings in counter-culture rebellion, but given that they were once only seen on punks and sailors, and are now hanging up in high-end galleries and covering body parts everywhere, it’s safe to say this trend is here to stay.

Body art is meant to express something, and a tattoo on the skull sends a strong message: “I’m not fucking around.” Sure, the pain of a needle vibrating across the skull sounds pretty brutal, but it sure as hell looks dope. Check out these five skull tattoos that’ll tempt you into diving in headfirst.

Geometry by Thomas Hooper (on Artist Nathan Kostechko)

Imagine you’re an insanely talented tattoo artist and you want a skull tattoo. There’s one obvious potential problem: you’re going to have to rely on someone else to do the work. Luckily, chances are you know a lot of other killer tattoo artists. For his own headpiece, artist Nathan Kostechko turned to the geometry king himself, Thomas Hooper. Hooper’s dot-and-line work is masterful, and his hallmark patterns blend seamlessly with the more traditional designs making for some damn fine art on the old dome.


Lou Eyrich’s Badass Alt Hair

Lou Eyrich is the Emmy-nominated costume designer behind the looks in Glee and American Horror Story. But after wrapping the pilot of the latter and while prepping for work on the first season, Eyrich was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to bow out. Following treatment, she had this stunning head of hair tattooed across her scalp. If you’re searching for examples of creativity, beauty, and function, look no further.


Travis Barker’s Virgin Mary

Drummer Travis Barker is clearly a connoisseur of body art. Whether you dig his work or not, you’ve got to appreciate the tattoo that covers the top of the drummer’s skull. Barker chose to stay within the longstanding tradition of religious iconography, and The Virgin Mary’s positioning is perfect as it’s only visible when he bows his head.


Flora by Nathan Kostechko

If a person shaves his or her head in solidarity with someone going through cancer treatment, that’s saying a whole lot. And because that moment is charged with meaning and emotion, it makes sense that some just might end up with skull tattoo, because why not? It’s a rare opportunity to use this newly-exposed skin as a canvas, and in this instance, Nathan Kostechko flexed with this stunning flora design complete with intricate coloring and shading.


Corey Ferguson’s Optical Illusion

Some people feel as if their tattoos were destined for them. Perhaps they were inspired by a dream or are trying to capture an abstract sense that resonates from deep within their soul. On the other hand, some folks just want to get a goddam 3D hole across their skull. This trippy piece is the work of Corey Ferguson, who nails the optical illusion.


Images via Thomas Hooper, Off the Map Tattoo, UPI/Jim Ruymen, and Inked Magazine

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