We’ve dreamed up five music collabs that could only exist in a perfect, death- and beef-free world.



5 Dream Music Collabs That Would Make You Scream in Excitement

When two musical souls merge, it’s an auditory gift from the heavens. From Queen and David Bowie to Kanye West and Jay Z, music moguls have been collaborating since the beginning of time and the result is almost always a massive banger. Before their beef, Drake and Meek Mill even massacred the game with “R.I.C.O.” But what about the joint efforts that could have been but never were? We’ve dreamed up five music collabs that could only exist in a perfect, death- and beef-free world. Read it and weep for the genius possibilities.

1. James Brown and Young Thug

Young Thug (or fine, whatever, “Jeffery“) has been on everyone’s radar the past few years, as the Atlanta-bred rapper’s out-there verses and revolutionary style choices have commanded respect and attention. We already love Thug’s music, but imagine, if you will, the extraordinary music that would come about if Young Thug had teamed up with the OG grunter and the father of funk, the one and only James Brown? They had so much in common it’s uncanny: the vibrant, tight outfits; the strange noises; the obvious predilection for grits. The duo would’ve been mind-blowing.


2. Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones

Music today simply wouldn’t be as daring or honest if it weren’t for the seminal English rocks bands, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Although they were both comprised of British musicians, Zeppelin and The Stones each had their own, distinct sound in regards to vocals and instrumentals. The thought of Mick Jagger and Robert Plant sharing a mic is almost too much greatness to bear. And while, yes, Keith Richards declared that Plant’s voice “got on his nerves,” we’re willing to look past that if it means a collaboration from the bands’ remaining members. One can only dream.


3. Adele and Beyoncé

Last year, a rumor was started that Adele declined a collaboration with Beyoncé. Thankfully (for our hearts), the British songstress was quick to deny any hostility between the two, and proceeded to pledge her unfaltering allegiance to Queen Bey. We’re still hopeful that one day the goddesses of modern pop will smile down upon their devoted worshippers and bestow us with a heavenly collaboration. We’re not entirely sure what this divine duet would sound like, but we are sure that Adele’s bluesy-ness paired with Yoncé’s range could do no wrong. The day these two put out a song is the day we can die happy (no pressure). 


4. Michael Jackson and Madonna

Ah yes, the King and Queen of Pop. Back in the ‘90s, Michael and Madge were a powerhouse item for a hot minute and word on the street was that Madonna was supposed to be featured on Jackson’s single “In the Closet.” Unfortunately, in the closet is just where that idea stayed, but a duet sure is fun to think about. The pair’s poppy vocals matched with their signature dance moves would’ve made for a straight-up sensational collaboration.


5. Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Alas, the collaboration we’ve all been waiting for (and probably always will be waiting for). In the KanyeSwift saga, we are 100 percent team Kanye—and especially after Kim leaked the footage of their phone conversation. Still, we can’t deny how ridiculously catchy Swift’s songs tend to be—and just the thought of marrying that catchiness with Kanye’s genius rhymes makes us giddy with excitement.


Original imagery by Ashley Britton.

Stay tuned to Milk for more dream collabs. 

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