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5 Early 2000s Trends to Revive in 2017

The post-90s decade of 2000-10 had big shoes to fill: after ten years of beloved grunge and flannel, the emergence of Kate Moss as a forever fashion icon, and the domination of legendary brands like Guess and Gucci, there was little room for cultural enhancement. And though throwback fashion still seems to be the dominant trend on both runway and sidewalk this season, take note: not all trends are revival-worthy, and fond memories don’t necessarily make for sound sartorial choices circa 2017.

Case in point: while the ’90s blessed up with some of our favorite fashion trends to date, the early 2000s left something to be desired. Sometimes, things are better left where they belong: in the past (and in the way, way back of our closets). Nevertheless, we’re exploring what an early 2000s revival would mean for men, women, and wardrobes everywhere. Enter the best (read: worst) early 2000s trends below.

Non-Practical Scarves

Few things excite us more than a undeniably impractical accessory trend. Too thin to actually keep any portion of our bodies warm? Just shimmery enough that it dumps a thin layer of sparkle all over our clothing? Sign us up. 21-early-00s-ashlee-simpson-outfits-that-now-seem-2-15629-1407509876-17_dblbigCorsets

Apparently Prada, Puma, Brock, Balmain, and Gucci beat us to the punch—the corset revival is officially underway, and we’re here for it. Because what better way to counteract all that holiday feasting with a little fashion-friendly suffocation? (We spy a tiny scarf, too).corset-top-trend-2000sThe Von Dutch Obsession

Forget NYFW—the Von Dutch takeover circa 2000 was one of more epic proportions than even the most absurd trends spotted on last September’s runways. Ironically, their time in the fashion spotlight was short lived, and it’s unfortunately near impossible to spot one of these hats on the streets of NYC today. 47508361-0721-4bfa-a901-ffa18649ac9dPopcorn Shirts

We all had one (or at least wanted one). The popcorn shirt, arguably the epitome of early 2000s fashion, requires little to no introduction—small enough to fit in the tiniest of purses, yet somehow stretchy enough to morph into an appropriately-sized adult shirt, this trend has earned its place in our own personal Hall of Fashion Fame. RIP.

tumblr_ny8nce2Xs61tjy56ho1_400Frosted Tips 

Unlike the current man bun trend (which requires a actual time, patience, and natural hair growth), the frosted tips of the early 2000s could grace the head of any adolescent boy in a matter of hours—just a touch of bleach, and, voila! And if JT could pull it off with blue tweed and clear green sunnies, can’t we all?63589118132408766161185564_JT-Pop-DustImages via Getty Images, POPSUGAR, Glamour, Von Dutch, and popcornshirt.com 

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the front lines of fashion revival. 

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