After the dude who tried to crash Kanye's floating stage about a week ago, we got to thinking about some of the most epic stage crashes in history.



5 Epic (and Failed) Stage Crashes in History

Kanye West has literally taken his “Saint Pablo” tour to another level with a gravity-defying, floating stage that has become quite the spectacle on social media. Yet despite its metaphysical status, one fan at a tour stop a little over a week ago still apparently tried to crash it—and in an unsurprising twist, was severely unsuccessful.

Kanye quickly shut it down (“it” being the crashing fan), however the whole ordeal did get us thinking—particularly about some of the epic stage crashes we’ve witnessed over the last few years…

When Lil Mama Crashed the VMA Stage

2009 introduced us to many great music moments including Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind.” And although we can all agree it was one of the best songs of that year, that still did not give Lil Mama the right to show up, unbidden, during the duo’s VMA performance. The “Lip Gloss” singer did eventually apologize, explaining to MTV that she had no idea Jay Z wasn’t feeling her cameo.

When Beyoncé Got Pulled Off Stage

Even Queen Bey isn’t exempt from the occasional crazy fan moments. While performing “Irreplaceable” in Brazil three years ago, a fan grabbed the singer so aggressively, she was nearly pulled off stage. In another unsurprising turn of events, Bey got back up and continued without missing a beat.

When a Belieber Flipped Over a Piano

Beliebers are a breed of fans unto themselves. But one particular stunt they pulled on Bieber at a concert back in 2013 tops all Belieber moments thus far. While the singer sat innocently playing the piano, a fan rushed the stage in an attempt to hug him, and ended up getting full-on tackled by Bieber’s security team, and flipping over a piano on the process. Perhaps the most impressive (re: chilling?) part is that Bieber kept performing as if nothing happened.

When Earl Sweatshirt Punched a Fan

Rapper and Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt has always kept a rather low, modest profile both online and on stage. But a low profile does not evidently amount to a pushover—something we found out last year when a fan ran on stage, grabbed Sweatshirt from behind, and was subsequently served a few swift punches by both the rapper and his crew.

When Kanye Tried to Warn Us About Taylor Swift 

To be fair, Beyoncé did really have the best video.

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Stay tuned to Milk for more audacious stunts. 

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