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5 Famous Pets, Including Iggy Pop's Bird, that Have Better Instagrams Than You

While rumors of Iggy Pop‘s retirement are still swirling about, there is one member of his family that isn’t planning on stepping down out of the limelight anytime soon. Biggy Pop, Iggy’s cockatoo, made his social media debut in late March, and despite only being on the gram for a few weeks, he is well on his way to stardom with 7682 followers! Impressive for a bird with a limited vocabulary and unlimited dance moves. He bops around to Iggy Pop’s music while Mr. Pop chills in different spots around his house—and, to be honest, we’ve never been more envious of a bird.

So to celebrate Biggy’s captivating spirit, we compiled a list of our favorite celebrity pets that are living like kings and queens. 

Miss Asia Kinney @missasiakinney

Miss Asia Kinney is probably the world’s luckiest dog. Not only was she blessed with cuteness, but she also has Lady Gaga as a mom, as well as an equally adorable brother, Koji. Asia’s Instagram account chronicles her and Koji’s daily adventures, which often include cuddling, frolicking about Gaga’s pad, and traveling like a boss. She’s also casually landed a Coach campaign and a Harper’s Bazaar cover, as bulldogs usually do. It’s always nice to see a dog who has accomplished more in one year (albeit seven dog years) than we have in our whole lives. 

#takemeback to my first cover shot with Mommy!! 🐽💖💡📷🎬 #timeflies #luxurypig #harpersbazaar #tbt

A photo posted by Miss Asia Kinney (@missasiakinney) on

Finnley Cooper Seyfried @finnsite

Meet Finnley Cooper Seyfried, Amanda Seyfried’s dog whose life basically consists of one big mooch. His favorite pastimes? Trying on his Mommy’s heels, resting things on his nose, and wearing accessories—more often than not, you’ll find Finnley in a crocheted hat or bandana. Finn, who resides in Greenwich village, is a full-time pet and part-time model, repping brands such as Amazon Fashion like it ain’t no thang. And it doesn’t stop there; Finn even managed to land a Vogue video in which he eats kale, balances an egg on his head, and tries on different outfits. Bless you, Finn. Bless your soul.

Repost from @amazonfashion: Finn’s picks for the skater guy: this one’s got tricks for days. #UltimateGuide #ad

A photo posted by Finley Cooper Seyfried (@finnsite) on

Cecil Delevingne @cecildelevingne

Cara Delevingne’s bunny, Cecil, is much more low-key than the average celebrity pet. He likes to remain under-the-radar, and tends to hang out inside designer purses, or else behind the scenes on one of Mom’s photoshoots. What else is there to know about Cecil? He loves his Auntie Taylor, really identifies with his star sign (Leo), occasionally posts about current events, is pro LGBTQ, and is an animal rights advocate. If only we could be as cool as him.

i is a flower child

A photo posted by Cecil Bunny Delevingne (@cecildelevingne) on

Shanti Om Bb @shantiombb

Shanti takes after her Mommy, Miley Cyrus, often posting weird photos with trippy edits. When Shanti isn’t watching RuPaul, or The Aristocats, she’s most likely starring in a meme or getting lost in a sea of sparkly, galactic tie-dye. She’s quite the style maven too, dressing up in everything from Mommy’s kooky sunglasses to a pirate costume. There’s only one slight bone we have to pick with Shanti, and that’s the fact that she hasn’t posted in awhile. Maybe she’s helping Miley on a new album? Or perhaps she’s just high. 


A photo posted by Shanti Om Bb (@shantiombb) on

Peter Pan Hilton, Prince Hilton, and Princess Paris Jr. @peterpan_hilton @princess_paris_jr_the_pom

When it comes to celebrity dogs, Paris Hilton’s undoubtedly reign supreme; after all, the late Tinkerbell (RIP) did set the bar quite high. Fortunately, Paris has gotten a bunch of other cute pooches since that are perfect for showcasing in a Birkin—namely, Peter Pan the Chihuahua and Prince & Princess Paris Jr., the Pomeranian duo. These dogs live the life of a very successful investment banker; they all live in a house that’s a replica of Paris’ house, except dog size. On an average day, you’ll find them laying in the Beverly Hills sun, playing with Paris’ roughly 4,000 other dogs, while Paris showers them with love. If that sounds like dog heaven, it’s because it is.


A video posted by Princess Paris Jr (@princess_paris_jr_the_pom) on

Photos via @biggypop, @missasiakinney, @cecildelevingne, @shantiombb, and celebuzz. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more pets that were born into fame. 

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