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5 Female Artists You're Going to Want to Check Out This Fall

In a patriarchy-rigged world, women rarely have it easy—and this is doubly true in the art world, where making a name for yourself is about as easy as anticipating the oncoming apocalypse. Which is why, when a female artist does get the attention she deserves, we make sure to endorse her in any way possible; much like the vaquita, you can never be sure when (if ever) a new female artist will pop up. So do yourselves a favor and get to know the five female artists below, whose solo art exhibitions are must-sees—if not to observe what extraordinary talent looks like, then to give a big “fuck you” to the patriarchy.

1. Anna Yeroshenko

What: Hidden Dimension

Where: Rubber Factory, 29 Ludlow Street, New York, NY

When: September 24th – October 13th

Ever heard of a photographic sculpture? In her latest exhibition, Hidden Dimension, Yeroshenko transforms photos of architecture into just that. In this collection of angular images, the Russian photographer ambitiously challenges both the literal and figurative boundaries that urban buildings inflict on society in order to, as the Facebook event puts it, “break the walls which we come up against and to push the limits of perception.”

Anna Yeroshenko

2. Jessica Stockholder

What: The Guests All Crowded into the Dining Room

Where: Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 534 West 26th Street, New York, NY

When: September 21st – October 1st

In her third solo exhibition at the Mitchell-Innes & Nash gallery, Stockholder presents a multitude of studio pieces as well as a single “large-scale site-responsive installation.” By way of both found and bought materials, Stockholder reimagines the use and positioning of common objects in various bright colored displays. Think random, seemingly uninteresting items, like metal parts and yellow plastic pieces, curiously assembled to create a work that re-examines the relationship between materials.

Jessica Stockholder

3. Katharina Grosse

What: Rockaway!

Where: Gateway National Recreation Area at Fort Tilden, New York

When: Now through November

Grosse’s off-site MoMA PS1 exhibit is worth the trip. What used to be a deteriorating aquatics building in the Rockaways now, thanks to Grosse, looks a lot more like a melting popsicle—a striking blend of magenta, orange, and white. Set against the lovely backdrop of Fort Tilden beach, Rockaway! is a must-see before winter… mostly because, by then, the house will be bulldozed and obliterated.

4. Sophia Al-Maria

What: Black Friday

Where: The Whitney Museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY

When: Now through October

Brought up between Qatar and Washington State, artist Sophia Al-Maria is currently offering us a unique artistic purview, tackling as she is the underrepresented subject of modern life in Gulf Arab nations. For her first solo exhibition in the U.S., Al-Maria, through both video and installation, delves into the urban metamorphosis of the Gulf Arab nations in the 21st century, in addition to “Gulf Futurism” (a term she coined). Her latest video, Black Friday, exposes shopping malls as centers of capitalist control and cultural merging, while her installation of electronic devices, “The Litany,” addresses “a coded history of consumption, conflict, and desire.”


5. Lorna Simpson

What: Lorna Simpson

Where: Salon 94 Bowery, 243 Bowery, New York, NY

When: Now through October 22nd

This autumn, Lorna Simpson brings Salon 94 Bowery an array of stunning works through a variety of unique mediums. Using photographs, acrylic, and ink, Simpson creates signature paintings that ache with melancholy and dark, bleeding colors. One of her pieces, titled “Enumerated,” features photographs of piles of nails that are meant to resemble marks numbering days spent in prison. Other works draw from vintage magazine images and incorporate collage. In short, Simpson’s latest exhibit is a testament to her ingenuity and skill when it comes to blending different materials.

Lorna Simpson

Images via, Time Out,, Design Boom, the Whitney, and Salon 94.

Stay tuned to Milk for more ladies worth looking up. 

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