Meet the five ladies who slay both behind the scenes and in front of the mic.



5 Female Producers to Watch in 2017

Step aside, gender stereotypes: the music industry is getting a heavy dose of female influence, and it goes without saying—we’re all for it.  The pathway to success for women, especially in hip-hop, has not reaped nearly enough leeway as it has for their male counterparts. That’s why we’ve curated an essential list of ladies responsible for the bangers you know best. Their work further supports the standpoint that we should all be taking: women are as influential and powerful as men, and must be treated as equals. 

Peep our list of favorite female record producers killing the game, one track at a time.


Ebony Oshunrinde aka WondaGurl was nominated for a Grammy at the age of 17 for a track on Jay Z’s, MCHG— and that’s just the beginning. The now 20-year-old record producer has a slay-worthy catalogue, producing beats for Travis Scott, Drake, SZA, Young Thug, Kanye West and more. The young mogul sent a beat to Drake via Instagram, landing two spots, “Used To” and “Company”, on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. wundagurl_studio_one_a_lCrystal Caines

Crystal Caines is a mix of all fields. The Guyanese-American artist dabbles as both a rapper and producer. Her producing breakout is credited to crafting the sound of A$AP Ferg’s earliest hits, with additional features from Bauuer and BIA. Caines and Ferg continue to build an unstoppable collaboration, dismantling the stereotypes about women in music, with Caines producing several tracks on Ferg’s mix tape, Ferg Forever. What’s more admirable about this producer? Her current collaborations with other new wave female producers in the industry.Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.50.11 PMTRAKGIRL

The girl power is real for TRAKGIRL: she recently collabed with WondaGurl to produce Crystal Caines’ 5 track EP in February 2016. Her producing credits also include big names like Omarion, Luke James and Tiffany Evans. The deep, bass-heavy rhythm that characterizes TRAKGIRL’s sound elevates this producer as a talent to be reckoned with.TrakGirl_Stereo_00251-670x435Cooly G

London-based producer, DJ and singer Cooly G is another young talent captivating fans. She started producing tracks in her father’s studio at just 7-years-old. At 17, she started teaching production to men 3x her age. Now, the beat-making prodigy is signed to the U.K. label Hyperdub. She has a knack for more electronic sounds compared to those mentioned above, and her tracks almost always include a dance-ready baseline.  Definitely a talent you need to keep on your radar.Cooly GGrimes

Canadian musical artist, Grimes, is first to let everyone know she produces and is a huge activist for female empowerment. Grimes has spoken out multiple times about the sexism in music production, and despite incessant requests from third parties to provide her with beats, the singer makes it clear that she wants to be responsible for her sound. Grimes’ latest release Art Angels is written, produced and engineered by the artist herself; no small feat given the gender-biased environment within the electronic music industry. With five critically acclaimed albums and her own distinct style, this female producer is sure to keep making waves (and beats). grimes333Images via Hollywood Reporter,, Crystal Caines,,, and Vice

Stay tuned to Milk for more dope AF female creatives. 

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