Throwing it back to a not-so-lovely era of sexist bullshit.



5 Fucked up PSA's You Need to See to Believe

Ok, disclaimer: these are unbelievably outdated, and that fact in itself is something to celebrate. It’s no longer relevant to talk about Commies and blacklisting, being homophobic is decidedly uncool, and if you’re spouting about how a woman’s place is in the home, you’ll likely receive a collective “Fuck You.” That said, there’s still work left to be done in the fight for equality, and any celebration of “how far we’ve come” should be at least a little bittersweet, simply because we’re just not quite there yet.

One project working to fight the patriarchy? #ThatsHarassment, a film series with David Schwimmer at its helm (alongside Milk founder Mazdack Rassi, director Sigal Avin, and others), which addresses some of these problems head on. The five shorts, focused specifically on sexual harassment by men on women, are yet another step in the right direction: toward equality. Watch all the videos here, and while you’re at it, bask in the gross, hilariously-bad PSA’s circa 1950. Below, five commercials that take the cake.

“A Word to the Wives”

Listen up, ladies. Enjoy that kitchen, ’cause it’s doesn’t get much better than matching stainless steal and a fancy-ass house-warming party to celebrate. Am I right?

“1950s Education on ‘Women'”

“What’s wrong with her?” … “She’s a woman, isn’t she?” Join me in a collective bought of laughter/tears as we reminisce on how fucked up this is and remember how it’s still sadly relevant. So long, patriarchy (here’s hoping).

“Boys Beware”

In Trump’s own words, he’s apparently “much better for the gays” than Hilary Clinton. Perhaps he could take some of that excessively eloquent support and derail this type of messaging once and for all (though thankfully, it’s no longer commonplace).

“Are You a Commie, or a Citizen?”

Communists, beware: there’s no room for you in 1950’s America (though there might be in Trump’s America, depending on how you interpret his Russian love affair).

“How to Attract a Man”

On the hunt for Mr.Right? Peep this vid for some no-fail (read: no-fucking-around) tips on how to nail the wifey crown you’ve always dreamed of.

Featured image via Brutalist 

Stay tuned to Milk for more blasts from the past. 

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