We compiled new and noteworthy beauty looks brought to you (and concocted) by our favorite Instagrammers.



5 Gutsy Beauty Looks as Told by Our Favorite Instagrammers

Instagram: bad for concentration, great for beauty inspiration. At any moment, you’re just a few taps away from unearthing dope looks ideated by beauty innovators worldwide. Still, given how easy it is to slip into a black hole of holographic lip tints, metallic eye pigments, and heaps of body glitter, it’s crucial to know where to look. Below, we sifted through the clutter and curated the most cutting-edge beauty looks brought to you by our favorite Instagrammers.

’80s Eyes

The ‘80s were the golden age of all things over-the-top, a decade of decadence marked by big hair, bright colors, and loud makeup, with a colorful, messy-haired Cyndi Lauper as its mascot. And it’s the polychrome beauty looks that reigned during this era that British makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench resurrects in a spread for Novembre Magazine. Accented by thick, brushed-up brows and a metallic lip, the graphic, painted-on eyes underline the shape of the brow for a modern rendition of the ’80s that we’re itching to take for a spin. 

Throwback @novembremagazine @nicolascoulomb @florencetetier @georgia.pendlebury

A photo posted by Isamaya Ffrench (@isamayaffrench) on

Face Bedazzling

We’ve always known that bedazzling has potential way beyond the realm of denim—and now thanks to Grace Hartzel, we know that this potential involves rhinestones, sequins, and pearls, and gluing said materials straight onto your face. For what was probably an average Tuesday night, the angelic model swapped out traditional eyeliner for this scintillating fairytale of a look. And from where we’re sitting, it looks like little more than pink eyeshadow, with colorful little stick-on jewels lining the crease of her lids. 

A pink room. A project just for us @rebekahcampbell @lidafoxy and @katerinavictoria

A photo posted by Grace Hartzel (@graciehartzel) on

Spray Paint Contouring

Contouring’s long-overdue gritty revamp has arrived. London-based makeup artist, Anne Sophie Costa constructed this graffiti-esque, almost-human-camouflage look for Faustine Steinmetz’s SS17 presentation. She kept it simple, highlighting her subject’s bone structure with a few asymmetrical splashes of spray paint and keeping everything else minimal (honestly, anything more would be overkill). If this marks the beginning of a new era of colorful contouring, then count us in. 

Morning After Mayhem

A rough guide to getting this low-key look, sported by London-based designer Claire Barrow in the below Instagram post: apply makeup, stay out late, guzzle/shower yourself in vodka, and then—well—let your night of debauchery do the rest of the work for you. Yet another look concocted by beauty whiz Isamaya Ffrench, the look is a confluence of revelry and laziness… smudged to perfection. 

Gilded Lashes

In the wise words of Trinidad James: “All gold everything.” An incisive statement, one we’d all do well to learn from, and apparently one that Parisian makeup artiste Sakoto Watanabe does not take lightly. For she went extremely gold while on makeup duty for Novembre MagazineUndeniably gifted in the science (or magic) of alchemy, she successfully transformed eyelashes into a gilded masterpiece. And if we’re being honest, we likey. 

@Dior #gold #pink #beauty story out today @novembremagazine #makeup by me. #satokowatanabe

A photo posted by Satoko WATANABE (@satoko_paris) on

Image via Rebekah Campbell’s Instagram

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