Chance the Rapper just afforded the world a new, slightly chilling Kit Kat jingle—so to celebrate, we compiled five other incredibly weird musician-endorsed commercials.



5 Hilarious Commercial Jingles You have to See to Believe

It seems like every day there’s a new musician-endorsed commercial, complete with a slightly cringeworthy jingle. Beyoncé has done it, Kanye did it, and now hip-hop mogul and Milk fave Chance the Rapper is taking his songwriting skills (and signature #3 hat) to Kit Kat to reveal the candy brand’s newest jingle—just in time for Halloween.

At once adorable and slightly chilling, the commercial got us thinking—namely about some of the other odd commercial appearances by some of our favorite musicians that we’ve had to bear witness to. So to celebrate Chance’s new jingle, we compiled the top five weirdest musician-endorsed commercials below.

Mary J. Blige for Burger King

Don’t get us wrong, we love us some Mary. But her 2012 endorsement-slash-jingle for Burger King’s crispy chickens wraps was just a little more than we bargained for.

Mark Foster Meets Muscle Milk

Mark Foster of Foster the People had us all singing “Pumped Up Kicks” back in 2011, but what we didn’t know was that, before making it big, the lead singer was behind some of the biggest commercial jingles for brands like Cadillac and Bing. Still, nothing tops his Muscle Milk magnum opus, in which he took us all on the spring break adventure of a lifetime with comedian Eric Andre.

Mariah Carey, The War Hero

Though we’ve spent the larger part of 2016 ogling and obsessing over her Instagram, it still comes in second to Mariah Carey‘s cameo in this Game of War commercial.

Katy Perry (and the PopCats)

Katy Perry is no stranger to the big screen; she does, after all, play a crucial role in The Smurfs movie franchise. But did you know that, long before she made it in Smurf Land, she was fighting crime alongside a swarm of cats in a short sponsored by popchips? Neither did we.

Vintage Kanye Meets Absolut

Before he became Kris Jenner’s son-in-law, Kanye tried his hand at a couple different acting gigs, including a commercial for Absolut Vodka, which offered a step-by-step guide to becoming Pablo himself.

Original image by Bonnie Wang. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more inexplicable throwbacks.

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