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5 Informative AF Documentaries to Stay Woke This Winter

The mood post-march is shaping up to be one of hope, affirmation, and ambition: looking ahead to the next four years, the battle has just begun, and it’s going to take all hands on deck to support the movement. It follows, then, that this month’s Netflix roundup is appropriately-woke—in honor of all the women (and men) who stood up this Saturday around the world, and all that their resistance stands for, we’re channeling politically-savvy vibes on our watch list this winter.

Peep the roundup below for a low key dish on each film, then go watch them all for yourself. Take note—the spirit of resistance and equality could really come in handy these next four years. We’re going to need all the inspiration we can get.


13th addresses some incredibly relevant—albeit incredibly heartbreaking—issues around the US prison system and more specifically, the criminalization and retention of African American men within that system. A must-watch for anyone who wants more context for current day prison reform conversations and movements like Black Lives Matter.

Miss Representation

The Women’s March on Washington was born out of a female-led backlash against Trump—it should come as no surprise, then, that our roundup includes one of the most important documentaries concerning sexism today. Miss Representation touches on a variety of different experiences and perspectives, but the overarching theme is clear: sexist portrayals of women persist as a large-scale (and often, institutionalized) problem, both in the states and beyond, and it’s going to take a united, intentional effort to illicit lasting change.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

America’s Black Power movement took the ’60s and ’70s by storm, and The Black Power Mixtape serves as a window into that time, via never-before-seen BTS footage and other archival film that bring new depth to the story of that era. If you’re looking for true OG inspiration, this is it.

An Inconvenient Truth

Meanwhile: the environment. 2016 was the third year in a row that the Earth’s average temperature was at a record high, and as such, we would be remiss to not include this film in our roundup. An Inconvenient Truth follows Al Gore on his journey of environmental activism and change-making work in that arena, and even 10 years later, it’s as relevant as ever. Also, it won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. Need we say more?


E-Team takes us overseas to spotlight the Human Rights Watch’s Emergencies Team, which helps document illegal acts by brutal dictators in an effort to undermine (and ultimately, end) their reign. Ideally, they’re providing a voice to those who are otherwise without one, and that alone bumps it to binge-worthy, in our books.

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