We rounded up our favorite makeup secrets from Irene Kim and four other Korean celebs.



5 Korean Celebs Share Their Ultimate Makeup Secrets

If you’ve read about the very thorough, very reliable Korean skincare regime, then you know much Koreans value healthy, and especially healthy looking skin. And this same attitude is applied to makeup as well. Koreans tend to keep their makeup looks natural, dewy, and glowing—and who better to demonstrate these techniques than those who have ample access to a range of products and insider tips? We’re talking about Koreans celebrities, and we’ve rounded up five top-notch tutorials from some of our favorites below.

Irene Kim’s Cheek Patches 

Irene Kim is what we at Milk like to refer to as a “G.” Born in Seattle, Kim turned down her first modeling job at 15 years old after the agency apparently told her she’d have to undergo “minor” plastic surgery. Kim moved to South Korea when she was in her teens, and after being told that dying her hair would be career suicide, she went ahead and did it anyway and has managed to turn it into her trademark look. In the years since, she’s modeled for Chanel and Calvin Klein, and last year was named an Estée Lauder global brand contributor. In other words, when it comes to beauty, she knows what she’s talking about. Here, Kim shows you exactly what you’ll need to get a “dewy blush look”: Korean cheek patches, pink blush, and a big ol’ blush brush. Simply slap on cheek patches for ten to 20 minutes, remove, let it dry, and then lightly apply the powdered blush. By letting her cheeks absorb the essential oils, the patches serve as the perfect landing pads for the blush. The result is a glowy, dewy, put-this-on-my-face-right-now, rosy cheek.

Jessica Jung’s Casual 16-Step Routine 

Jessica Jung, known for holding down the K-pop group Girls’ Generation from 2007 – 2014 recently broke off on her own—both as a solo artist and as the founder of a beauty and fashion line, Blanc & Eclare. And as you might expect, she is a strict disciple of the Korean beauty routine. For Vogue, Jung detailed her beauty routine—all 16 steps of it—and it’s teeming with precious tips. Like, for instance, don’t forget to tone your ears. And remember that using the heat of your hands will allow your skin to absorb more product. 16 steps later, and this might just be the greatest “no makeup makeup” look of all time.

Sunny’s Pillow Talk 

In this episode of Get it Beauty’s “Talking Mirror” series, Sunny, a current member of Girls’ Generation, first wipes her face clean of any and all makeup, and then takes us through her skincare and makeup. From a pretty snazzy makeup box that we’d like to get our hands on, Sunny whips out a beauty product that she calls the “perfect cushion.” She’s lazy, she says, and so likes to use products like this that make it easy to apply makeup. And the secret to those pillowy lips? Moisturize.

Ultimate Korean Beauty Guru, Jung Saem Mool 

My Little Television is a South Korean TV show in which hosts of various YouTube channels and other Internet broadcasting sites compete to have their clips broadcast on live television. This particular segment features renowned Korean makeup artist Jung Saem Mool, who—with over 200,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, and up to 26 million views on some of her videos—is a pretty trusted source in the Korean beauty market. And here, she offers up some airtight beauty tips. The girl has around 25 years of experience, and has done makeup for South Korean heavyweights like figure skater Yuna Kim and renowned actress Kim Tae-hee. Granted, we can’t understand a thing she’s saying, but just watching her already makes our pores feel tighter.

Aqua Strobing is a Thing

If the above Vogue video is any indication, Jessica Jung clearly knows a thing or two about powdering her face. But on the show Beauty Bible, she, along with K-Pop star and member of Rainbow Kim Jae-kyung, helps other Korean ladies do their makeup too. And in this episode, they tackle a technique called “aqua strobing.” The name of the technique alone is already intriguing, and made even more so when you find out that it will leave your face looking “moist and bright.”

Image via Estée Lauder. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty tricks and tips. 

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