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5 Legendary Artists And The Styles They Pioneered

It’s no secret that Stan Smiths, crop tops, white sunnies, and the like have been dominating the style game this summer. The real question is, who did it first? We’ve got the names. Alongside their status as legendary musicians, these five icons took a deep dive into the world of fashion, and, no surprise here: they came out on top.

In the spirit of serving up a ~look~, we’ve rounded up five of the most fashion-forward, trend-setting, hip AF artists to get you in the mood. Throw it back to the 80s, 90s, or early aughts for clues on how to stay style-woke in 2K17. These trends have been dominating since you were born, and they’re here to stay, thanks to these artists; check ’em all below.

Madonna’s Sex AppealMadonna‘s status as an icon is so cemented in pop culture, it’s impossible to dissect the intersection of music and style without including her. Thus, we find ourselves once again pining over her complete and total style slayage. As the sex icon of the 80’s (and beyond), Madonna took the reins of her sex appeal and took advantage of what tools she had: namely lace, see-through tops, bracelets for days, rosaries, red lipstick, and big, bombshell blonde hair. All hail the queen.

Aaliyah’s Tomboy Androgyny Hip hop may be a man’s world, but that didn’t stop Aaliyah from dominating from day one. Her gender-bending, androgynous AF personal style was only matched in power by her legendary tracks that had the world on its knees begging for more. “Are You That Somebody?” She certainly was.

Kurt Cobain’s Grunge & White ShadesIf Madonna is the queen of sex appeal, then Kurt Cobain was the king of grunge. Truly, is there anything more iconic than Cobain and his white sunnies? We think not. Undoubtably eclipsed by his musical legacy tenfold, the shades are, nevertheless, making their mark on summer 2K17 (AKA, they’re everywhere).

The Spice Girls’s Sporty Cheetah Crop TopsThe Spice Girls executed a girl-power brand of feminism when feminism was still a bad word…and for that gift, we are forever grateful. On a more stylish note, they also solidified the importance of crop tops, cheetah print, and cute AF sportswear (you can thank Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, and Sporty Spice, respectively). These trends may literally never die, but as far as who did it best? You’re looking at ’em.

Run DMC’s Adidas ObsessionIf you know anything about current NYC (slash worldwide) street style, you know that Adidas has come out on top of the streetwear game. There’s only one trio that could have launched such an epic trend, one that has resurfaced (or, perhaps, it never really disappeared in the first place) after 20-plus years, and that’s Run DMC. If “My Adidas” wasn’t already stuck in your head, it certainly will be now. “Me and my Adidas do the illest things / We like to stomp out pimps with diamond rings!” Facts.

Images via NME Magazine, Elle, Hypebeast, Mr Porter, and Glamour UK

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