Yes, that is a shark tank that you can call home.



5 Mind-Blowing Airbnbs You'll Have to See to Believe

If you’ve ever fantasized about dropping everything and becoming a marine biologist, a deep-sea diver, or an eccentric supervillain—and let’s face it, who hasn’t—then today might be your lucky day. A listing was just put up on Airbnb for “One night at the Paris Aquarium with 35 sharks,” and it’s the absolute coolest.

Just your average night in.

As a project devised specifically for the Paris Aquarium, French design agency Ubi Bene and Airbnb have teamed up, and made it possible to live out all of our wildest wet dreams (lol). Ten meters below the water’s surface, this circular bedroom is incased in floor-to-ceiling glass panels, offering you (and your mysterious French lover) an unobstructed view of the watery deep. And lots and lots of sharks. But of course it’s totally safe, so if you happen to be in Paris, and are looking for a place to stay, why not book this rad submarine suite?

Who’s thirsty?

Well, there are a few issues. For one thing, you can’t just rent it at will, you have to apply for a chance to win. For another, you can only stay there for one night. So why even go through all the trouble?

If you’re looking for a real change of scenery, but don’t want to jump through a million hoops for a single night in some Bizarro fish tank, we’ve compiled a list of some of the weirdest Airbnb listings we could find, all very much available for you to rent.

Stay Chill in an Igloo

Remember when those two Brooklyn artists made an igloo in their backyard after that wild snowstorm, and then tried renting it out for $200 a night? Maybe not—Airbnb shut that project down pretty quickly. But, if you’re still interested, there is still an igloo available in Austria, and it’s much more affordable!

Looks... cozy.
Looks… cozy.

A Treehouse for When You Want to Pretend You’re Seven Years Old Again

You don’t have to move to the Amazon to feel like jungle royalty. This treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia is everything you imagined your backyard digs could be and more. And by more, we mean there’s Wi-Fi. Talk about Southern hospitality.

Forest nymph vibes.
Forest nymph vibes.

Make Like Richard Branson and Stay on This Private Island

Now, this actually sounds too good to be true. Your own private island in Belize, for $350 a night. For real. Surrounded by a coral reef and equipped with two kayaks, a paddle boat, fishing equipment, and free transportation to and from the mainland, we can’t even make any jokes about this one. Brb, booking plane tickets now.

It's just like a resort, but cheaper. And better. So much better.
It’s just like a resort, but cheaper. And better. So much better.

A School Bus, for When You’re Feeling Nostalgic 

Unless you’re a dust mite or a real-life Ms. Frizzle, we don’t really know why you’d wanna stay in an old bus, let alone a tiny yellow school bus. But if you happen to just be really nostalgic for grade school and getting bullied in the backseat, this is perfect for you. I guess.

Charmingly wtf.
Charmingly wtf.

A Victorian Castle for You, Lady Edith, and the Gang

Not kidding. A literal castle in northern England. This place is an actual bed and breakfast with lots of rooms for rent, so expect to meet a bunch of likeminded eccentrics, romantics, and Downton Abbey fans. Plus, free scones! It’s a win-win-win.

(Posh accent and wait staff not included.)
(Posh accent and wait staff not included.)

Images via Airbnb.

Stay tuned to Milk for more ludicrous lodgings. 

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