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5 Must-See Art Exhibits Happening This Month in NYC

Feminist art isn’t just art about feminism. It’s also art that’s made by femme people, or art that enacts broader critiques of oppression, or art that’s in a space where everyone is made welcome, or art that somehow feels feminine, or maybe really not feminine, or something else entirely. With this in mind, we cast a pretty wide net to come up with some of the coolest looking feminist art events in NY this month. We’re throwing you this roundup because March is International Women’s month, but also because we’re down with feminist art every month. Peep these five events and come through.

The Prescience Series (1950s)

Berry Campbell presents an exhibition of paintings by Perle Fine (1905-1988) from her celebrated “Prescience” series.” Fine’s work drew on a tradition of cubism and abstraction, and gave expressive character to color fields and simple geometric forms. Like so many female artists from yesteryear, Fine is an artist whose recognition came very late in her life, and continued to blossom to the extent it fully deserved after her death. The abstract art movement, which flourished in the middle of the century, was particularly inhospitable to women; only in recent years have the female names behind mid-century avant gardist work been recognized as canonical. There’s a reason activist art collective The Guerilla Girls put “being included in revised versions of art history” on their ironic Advantages of being a Female Artist list.

Rethink your art history knowledge and check this out. Open at Berry Campell through April 15.

So What’s Her Story?

Escape Artist Collective brings you So What’s Her Story?, a group show hosted at El Barrio’s Artspace PS 109. Including the work of twelve female artists who embody defiance, this is a killer event in honor of Women’s history month. The featured artists present autobiographical work: “the woman who hustled to sell her art in the street when galleries wouldn’t accept her, the woman who worked full-time by day and who created by night, the woman who despite the odds of acceptance for her sexual orientation built confidence to tell her story through her medium, and the woman who felt she wasn’t good enough and yet made a lifestyle doing what she loves.” This is a free event, and food, drinks, and art will be for sale, with proceeds going to the collective. Sounds good to us. Open through March 24th, with exhibition hours between 2pm and 6pm.


Fertility, fecundity and ripeness: these are the ideas explored by artist Nathalia Edenmont in her upcoming exhibition, Fruitfulness, at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery. If, like us, there’s nothing you’d like more than to look at enormous photographs of women wearing insane dresses made out of fruits and vegetables, this is a can’t-miss event for you. Or if you really dig experimental costume design, check this out. Edenmont addresses themes of mother nature, femininity, beauty, and child-bearing in her luscious, hyper-stylized images. In her own self-portrait, she’s styled like a renaissance woman and dressed in a garment made out of worms. Runs from Thursday March 23 through Saturday May 13th.

Wait Watchers

Brooklyn based art organization United Photo Industries brings to you Wait Watchers, a super compelling photo series by artist Haley Morris-Cafiero. Cafiero has been working on this project for four years, during which time she’s photographed herself in New York, capturing the expressions and gazes of passersby and onlookers. Her collection is a super rad, raw and intimate look at how female bodies – especially ones that dare not adhere to super normative beauty standards – are the object of the gaze in public spaces. Her collection reverses the power dynamic of the situations she captures: although her onlookers are obviously asserting policing judgement over her body in the moment the photos are being taken, her process of archiving and analyzing brings the ball back into her court. Don’t miss this. Open through April 21st at United Photo Industries.

Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty

As part of their A Year of Yes: Reimagining Feminism series, the Brooklyn Museum presents Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty, an exhibition showcasing Marilyn Minter’s sensual AF work. Her images deal with feminine sexuality: the ways it’s commercialized and policed in American culture, and also the ways in which it’s a fundamentally powerful force (preach). The collection displayed spans more than four decades, and touches on the American beauty industry, visceral depictions of food and sex, and how desire is manipulated through images. Don’t miss this. Open through April 2 at the Brooklyn Museum.

Images via Artcards, Eventbrite, Artnet, United Photo Industries and The Brooklyn Museum

Stay tuned to Milk for more must-see NYC art happenings.

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