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5 Nail Artists You Need to Follow ASAP

Dating back to Chinese dynasties in 3000 BC, manicures have truly come a long way; their journey—comparable to that of Meryl Streep’s illustrious career—has proven long, with a significant number of phases, but an overall consistent performance. Today, where rent in New York City is equitable to the value of your left limb and oxygen bars are apparently a thing, nail polish has transcended its futile purpose and is forging a path for itself within the worlds of design and aesthetics under the term nail art. The purveyors of said service are creating careers for themselves all around the world as nail artists, as trend setters within the industry, as essential organs to our favorite performers’ glam squads, and as masterful manicurists to the coolest of the cool. Peep our list of the 5 nail artists you should follow below.

Kimmie KyeesKimmie Kyees’ venerable talents have afforded the nail artist a very trusted relationship with Rihanna and with it, probably a few trips on some private jets. Like Riri is not one to fuck around with her glam squad, Miss Kyees is not one to fuck around with her comprehensive list of clients, composed of the world’s biggest divas—Adele, Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry and members of America’s royal family, the Kardashians, to name a few.

Madeline PooleHave you ever wondered who the hell named fifty different shades of blush polish? First of all, you’re not the only one. Second of all, perhaps Madeline Poole could help you answer that as Sally Hanson’s Global Color Ambassador. Poole has undoubtedly established a career for herself, being featured in Vogue and also represented by New York-based artists agency, BRIDGE. Her experience serves testimony to proving that nail art could serve as a viable and respected career.

Mei KawajiriWithout a doubt, one of the biggest standouts in the industry, Mei is like a mad scientist when it comes to her nail art. Combining different formulas of shape, color, design and ornamentation, her compositions on your pretty paws will catch anyone’s eyes, even with your hands in your pockets. Kawajiri claims that nails are just a canvas for her art.

Miss Ladyfinger (Taryn Multack)Multack’s approach to nail art is a little different than the rest. The self-proclaimed “Miss Ladyfinger” procures her inspiration directly off the runways of your favorite clothing designers. Multack explicitly sets herself and her work at the intersection of the fashion industry and nail art, creating a conversation of aesthetics between the two worlds of design.

RounGe New York

If ever you find yourself looking for a fantasy above your cuticles, look no further. RounGe New York is cutting, painting and gluing some of the most innovative nail designs in the game.

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