To honor the chain and its illustrious history, we bring you the five dopest pieces of jewelry worn by your favorite rappers.



5 of The Most Mesmerizing Chains in Hip-Hop

Chains in hip-hop have always been more than just a symbol of wealth. They’re a reflection of a rapper’s personal style, of who they are, and oftentimes signify their initiation into a record label.

From Kanye‘s Jesus piece that he rocked back in his College Dropout days, to that time T-Pain took the idea of a “big ass chain” a little too literally, the evolution of the ever-coveted chain has followed in the footsteps of fashion’s biggest trends. And thanks to jewelers like Ben Baller and Nick Bhindi, whose offerings come with a casual price tag of, at the very least, $25,000, flaunting this ilk of shiny and bling-heavy jewelry—if you’re so lucky to have one—has basically become required social media etiquette.

So to honor the chain and its illustrious history, we bring you the five dopest pieces of jewelry worn by your favorite rappers.

Travis Scott’s Star Wars Chains

La Flame has been rather vocal about his love for the Star Wars series. So the fact that he owns not one, but three galactic-themed chains came as little surprise. At least he’s generous with his gratuitous collection; about a year ago, he gifted one of his chains to a young fan in Paris after he took a liking to the fan’s tattoo.

👽💎💎👽 #NickBhindi

A photo posted by 💎 Nick Bhindi 💎 (@nickbhindi) on

Tyler, the Creator’s Cherry Bomb Chain

The cover of Tyler, the Creator’s highly anticipated album, Cherry Bomb, featured an illustration, drawn by Tyler himself, that looked at once cute and like something that would haunt us in our sleep. And as we’ve always said (re: never), what better way to immortalize a new album’s success than with a custom chain?

Gucci Mane’s Several Chains

Gucci Mane’s return to Instagram after his release from prison earlier this year has easily been one of the top moments of 2016. To celebrate, he released the below video in which he shows off his layered diamonds and (let’s be honest) amazing style. Burr!


A video posted by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on

Young Thug’s “Choker” Chain

Last month, Young Thug had us all feeling a bit confused when he announced that he will heretofore be referred to as Jeffery, his birth name. Yet just as we thought he was about to turn around and say “psych!” he went ahead and solidified this rather drastic name change with a custom “Jeffery” nameplate chain. At least he did it with some beautifully glistening choker chains.

Jeffery chain on me ..

A photo posted by ""JEFFERY"" (@thuggerthugger1) on

Kanye’s Dad Chains

Although Mr. West has had his fair share of spectacular chain moments, nothing beats the custom gold Dad chains, bearing “North” and “Saint,” that he’s been rocking recently.

FAB X PABLO. G.O.O.D. Music Pop-Up Show last night in NYC. (9/7/16)

A photo posted by Facebook | Twitter: TeamKimye (@teamkimye) on

Featured image by Ashley Britton.

Stay tuned to Milk for more chains we’d like to obtain. 

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