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5 Performance Art Pieces You'll Want To See From Shia LaBeouf

Actor turned performance artist Shia LaBeouf is back with a new performance piece called #ELEVATE. He and fellow collaborators Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner are taking turns staying in an Oxford Union elevator for 24-hour periods of time. LaBeouf even got to punch a fan in the face! Not shy to the extreme, the actor previously watched all of his movies in a row for three days straight, cried in front of strangers, and ran a “Meta Marathon” in purple spandex around a Dutch museum. Here are some possible ideas for some performance art pieces that he could do next.

Run For President

A LeBeouf presidential campaign would be the peak of his career as a performer. Shouting “JUST DO IT” would obviously be his motto, and his viral motivational speaking (or rather, screaming?) video could serve as a televised advertisement. How could you not vote for him? Shia LeBeouf 2020! Kanye, you have competition.

President Louis Stevens.

Become Amish

The Amish can build an entire barn in a day. It’s amazing, but to see Shia partake in said barn raising could be even better. Again, Shia can utilize his motivational speaking. Just imagine Shia yelling “RAISE THE ROOF” whilst he is literally raising a roof. This would all be live streamed and turned into some sort of film, of course.

You get a buggy now, Shia!

Start A Flash Mob To The Song “Shia LaBeouf”

If you haven’t seen the stage performance of Rob Cantor’s song “Shia LaBeouf” then you must watch it. The song is about Shia LeBeouf in the woods, chasing you down, becoming a cannibal, and then eating you. Shia popping up in public to do a flash mob to this number would instantly be the viral sensation of the year.

Staring Contest With Marina Abramović

When Shia did his performance piece #IAMSORRY, in which he sat across from viewers in silence and cried, he was criticized for copying Marina Abramović’s performance, The Artist Is Present, in which she also sat across from strangers in silence and shed the occasional tear. For what it’s worth, Abramović believes Shia only gained inspiration from her work, and that he didn’t copy her, but it’s still worth noting the blatant irony of Shia’s performance, which was apparently meant to be an apology for an instance of plagiarism. Since there’s no beef between the two artists, they should most definitely collaborate. Shia and Marina would have the world’s most long and intense staring contest. The Artists Are Present, And So Are Lots Of Fans.

Just imagine the kid from Holes all up in there.

Go To College

Shia actually got accepted to Yale when he was younger, but decided to delay any university plans to pursue acting. Now that he’s doing more performance art than working in “the biz,” he could feasibly attend college and become a student as a four-year performance piece. Beer pong, greek life, and perhaps even a degree in the end for the sake of art. We’ll see if this ever plays out.

Shia: “transforming” into a college graduate. Ah, I crack myself up.

Stay tuned to Milk for more performance art shenanigans.

Photos via The Daily Beast, newsflow24, Amish Buggy Rides, Mashable, AFR, and The Oddesey.

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