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You'll Never Guess These 5 Politicians' Uncanny Doppelgängers

Let’s all be immensely grateful that we live in a world that will take any opportunity to mock and poke fun at a politician. They deserve it, and we deserve it more. We’re always ready to at least gently tease a candidate. So over the weekend, while you were involved in Oscars-related hysteria, we were stoked when Gawker pointed out that comedian Brian Gaar found Ted Cruz’s doppelgänger: a villain in a Barbie movie.

Philippe is an evil riding master in the animated movie Barbie & Her Sisters In A Pony Tale, who also happens to resemble the Republican presidential candidate to a T. Seriously. If the large nose and extra puffy cheeks were not enough similarities, their hair lines are almost identical. It is a bit freaky, but Ted Cruz and a cartoon villain basically have the same personality already, so it’s not a huge stretch.

The former Senator is not the only politician to have an evil twin, animated or not. We rounded up five of America’s most prominent politicians and their doppelgängers.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Matthew Morrison

Poor Matthew Morrison. First, he plays the best Glee Club coach but worst Spanish teacher on television, and now he must live with the fact that he looks like Paul Ryan. Their thin lips, facial structure, and five o’clock shadows are paralleled. If it’s any consolation for Morrison, Ryan definitely looks older. Morrison still has a while before he gets those stress wrinkles.

Brothers from another mother.
Brothers from another mother.

Vice President Joe Biden and Bob Barker

These two men could try the Snapchat face swap feature (if they can figure out how to work it) and nothing would change. The app would simply be unable to recognize two distinct faces on the screen. Their smiles, chins, and deep blue eyes are dead ringers for each other. Now all we need is for Vice President Biden to host The Price Is Right. Come on down…

Maybe the VP will host The Price Is Right if the price is right...
Maybe the VP will host ‘The Price Is Right’ if the price is right…

House Member Ron Paul and Sir Ian McKellen

Ron Paul has tried so hard in previous election cycles to become a serious Presidential candidate—and it hasn’t exactly worked out, for him or his kid. However, Paul can take solace in the fact that he looks like one of England’s most notable actors. Just look at the shape of their noses and the similarity of their facial expressions. McKellen is the perfect pick to play Paul in his Lifetime biopic. If he gets one.

Fun game: who is who?
Fun game: who is whom?

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and Emma Thompson

What do the former Secretary of State and the iconic actress have in common? They have both been nominated for Grammys. Random, we know. But Thompson could easily play the First Lady in her inevitable big screen film. They have similar eyes, smiles, and regally blonde hairstyles. Plus they both carry themselves with poise and grace. Well, as much grace as someone embroiled in a centuries-old texting scandal is able to muster.

Someone start writing the Hillary biopic so we can get it over with.
Someone start writing the Hillary biopic so we can get it over with.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Toby Turtle

Frankly, McConnell should not be mad at this; Robin Hood’s Toby Turtle is adorable. Obviously, the round glasses make the comparison legit, but even their facial expressions and structure are somehow similar, right down to the cheek wrinkles. All we need is McConnell to don a cute little brown fedora, and all would be right in the world.

This is the perfect Halloween costume for McConnell.
McConnell’s perfect Halloween costume.

Images via Gawker.com, WashingtonTimes.com, telegraph.co.uk, and ebaumsworld.com.

Stay tuned to Milk for more brothers from various mothers.

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