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5 Presidential Biopics to Get You Hyped For The Barack Obama Movie

There’s no denying that Barack Obama is our nation’s coolest president ever. We just can’t get enough of the first family, which is why we were so hyped when we found out that a new movie about our commander-in-chief is currently in the works. The movie, called Barry, will follow Obama throughout his college years, and already has a few soon-to-be-big names signed on to star in it. It was announced yesterday that in addition to Devon Terrell and Anya Taylor-JoyBoyhood’s Ellar Coltrane and Straight Outta Comptons Jason Mitchell have been cast.


We still have a long time to wait, though—the film isn’t even going to begin shooting until later this month. So, to tide us over, we’re gonna be re-watching all of our favorite political biopics. Here’s what’s on our queue:

hits hard against our cheerleading president

Not to be confused with You’re Welcome, America—Will Ferrell’s hysterical one-man show about our 43rd president—although you should probably watch that, too. But while it’s not a straight comedy, Oliver Stone’s 2008 film is still excellently captures the kind of regretful hilarity that defined that presidency. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to pretend those eight years of our country’s history were just a bad dream.

JFK: historically inaccurate, still dope

Another work of Oliver Stone’s, this film doesn’t follow John F. Kennedy as such, but rather explores the conspiracy surrounding his assassination. The facts are fluffed up quite a bit, however, and it came under heavy fire for its historical inaccuracy when it was released in 1991. So, it’s Hollywood thriller than strict historical list of facts and dates. But, really—which is more fun to watch?

Game Change, simultaneously fascinating and deeply depressing

Hearing Sarah Palin call the protests at Trump rallies “punk-ass thuggery” last Monday only reminded us of how absolutely insufferable she is. If anyone is fit to even try to humanize her, however, it’s Julianne Moore. This HBO original movie follows Palin and her family throughout the 2008 elections, and is a perspective-shifting look into what it’s really like to be suddenly thrust into the spotlight.

Daniel Day-Lewis transforms into Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis had originally turned down Steven Spielberg‘s offer to portray our 16th president, calling the idea “preposterous.” Thank God he eventually changed his mind. Because while accolades aren’t always indicative of the quality of a movie, Daniel Day Lewis’s performance is incredibly powerful, and the Academy Award for Best Actor he received for it in 2013 was more than deserved.

Go on a date with the Obamas in Southside With You

Just released at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, this film closes in on an even smaller point of Obama’s life—his first date with Michelle. It was met with very positive reviews, was bought by Miramax, and will be released in theaters nation-wide this August.We don’t think this can technically be considered a “political” biopic—it’s more of an easy-breezy romance, featuring enrapturing performances from indie actors, and so perfect for watching when your brain is about to short-circuit from today’s political drama.

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