As the world has begun to surpass archaic gender roles in all realms, hip hop has followed suit.



5 Rappers Who Aren’t Afraid to Get Feminine

It’s no secret that rap is a notoriously macho genre of music, with dudes decked out in baggy jeans and Timbs, and girls donning the mini-est of mini skirts and heels on the sidelines. The term “rapper” itself instantly incites mental imagery of G-Unit or Snoop Dogg circa the ‘90’s, all glistening chains, beanies, and oversized garments in abundance. But as the world has begun to surpass archaic gender roles in all realms—whether it be in fashion or in the workplace—hip hop has followed suit, and rappers aren’t timid about experimenting with traditionally feminine stylistic choices. Think floral prints, skin-tight pants, and a plethora of pink attire…but on the rappers dropping some of the most ferocious verses of the 21st century. Move over 2Pac and Biggie—the era of snapbacks and big t-shirts is over. We’ve rounded up five hip hop artists who can spit insane verses and pull off a skirt simultaneously. Don’t believe it? Scroll through below and see the bold looks for yourself.

A$AP Rocky
A$AP Rocky enjoys the finer things, high-end apparel included. The NY-bred rapper and A$AP Mob member is a physical specimen himself, but when dressed in couture, he turns heads like no other. Whether he be sporting bright red Dior peacoats on the pages of glossy magazine ads or colorful, embroidered Gucci numbers when out on the town, Pretty Flacko disregards any limits set by his gender, and thus, has earned a spot (at least in our minds) as a true hip hop fashion icon.

Young Thug
670ed1448ae111e392eb0e0553255ac0_8Ah, Young Thug, the Atlanta native who literally does whatever the hell he wants in fashion, music, and pretty much every other arena. His fashion sense is practically as unique as his alternative rap style, and that’s saying a lot. Skin-tight outfits (like those from his collab with Puma) and colorful frocks are a staple in Thugger’s wardrobe, and the rapper adorned himself in a ruffled dress and matching parasol for the cover of his newest EP, No, My Name is Jeffrey. Bold choices? Very much so. Do we still want to steal Young Thug’s entire closet? You bet.

Jaden Smith
He may be younger than most of his rapping counterparts, but Jaden Smith is the future of judgement-free fashion. The budding rapper and prolific tweeter is known to wear exceedingly strange but nevertheless incredible outfits; imagine an Anna Wintour-reminiscent patterned blazer with a matching, pleated skirt, a black sun hat, and white sneakers. Yeah, he really wore that, and we give him mad props for it.

Kanye WestRemember when Kanye wore a black leather kilt on stage? Yep, we do too. Whether it be with his androgynous Yeezy collections or his intricately beaded Balmain jackets, it seems Kanye West could care less about looking feminine or masculine when it comes to his clothing choices. What’s more, the rap mogul could quite literally wear a Santa costume with Adidas and his millions of sneaker head followers would be rushing out to buy the look the next day. Who can blame them? 

rs_634x1024-140903100807-634.-pharrell-pink-coat-london-090214Pharrell’s song “Happy” pretty much encapsulates the vibes his wardrobe gives off. From pastels to polka dots, the Renaissance man of modern music somehow looks spectacular in pink coats, busy cardigans, bermuda shorts, and random bursts of color. We’re not so sure we could pull off the look, but Pharrell does it exquisitely.

Photos via EOnline, Vibzn, Elle, DailyMail, and Bossip

Stay tuned for more rappers with eyebrow-raising style.

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