To celebrate Tyler, The Creator's killer remix of 'Pillow Talk,' we bring you some other remixes you won't want to miss.



5 Remixes You'll Enjoy As Much As Tyler, the Creator's Version of 'Pillow Talk'

If you haven’t heard, Tyler, The Creator (designervoice actor, artist extraordinaire) has dropped a remix of Zayn Malik‘s “Pillow Talk,” complete with a soulful, dance performance, and a full yellow Golf Wang look.

And you’ll be happy to know that Tyler isn’t the only one remixing and cutting, editing and flipping tracks; thanks to platforms like SoundCloud and Google Play, it’s now remarkably easy to discover raw, young, and talented producers. We offer some of our favorites below.

Justin Bieber Goes Full ’80s 

The year is 1985. Michael Jordan is named NBA’s Rookie of the Year. The Breakfast Club was just released and Pretty in Pink was well on its way to the box office. And of course, Justin Bieber released his seminal song, “What Do You Mean.” Okay, fine; the Biebs wasn’t even born, but if he had been around, TRONICBOX gives us a glimpse into what his music would’ve looked like. In a word: catchy. The producer released not one, but three Bieber-as-an-‘8os-popstar remixes. And the visuals only add to the effect, with neon colors and the requisite VHS static.

The Mashup You Never Thought You Needed 

Until now. This is a beautiful blend of pop, with some necessary throwbacks sprinkled in. Who knew Rihanna‘s “Work” and a dose of *NSYNC could you make you gyrate so intensely? Well thanks to Brayton Bowman, now you do.

Not to Self: GoldLink Remixed Is Still Pure Gold  

The original with GoldLink and Masego, self-proclaimed “king of TrapScat,” is perfectly fine on its own. In fact, one might even call it smooth and sexy as hell, given his his ex-girlfriend’s recordings in Tagalog playing faintly in the background. But add FALCONS to the mix, a producer who describes his sound as a combination of Southern rap and new electronic, and what you get is a remix on a whole new level.

“Panda,” Jazzed Up a Bit

Producer Mndsgn (pronounced “mind design,” naturally) dedicated this smooth, jazzy track to his nephew, Bubba, who just turned 13. The track seems to be cut into two noticeable parts, with the second part solely relying on Desiigner’s lyrics and a lovely piano. And to be honest, we’re digging it.

Who Knew “Suga Suga” Could Get More Soulful?

Baby Bash and Frankie J. released “Suga Suga” back in 2003. And yes, sure, the music video makes us a bit uncomfortable, but the song has still been playing in our heads ever since. And this is doubly true of SoySauce’s remix, which breathes new life into the 2003 hit with a modern sound. It doesn’t hurt that the producer duo have good hearts too; the philanthropists donated all of the iTunes proceeds from their EP, Lunch Money, to underprivileged kids. Pretty sweet.

Stay tuned to Milk for new (and old) musical talent. 

Photo shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle at MADE LA.   

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