Dries hopes to shed some light on the life and work of the iconic designer.



5 Things We Hope to See in Next Year's Dries van Noten Doc

It’s no secret that Dries van Noten would probably rather communicate via clothes versus conversation; as a designer, it’s his natural preferred medium. And in true Dries form, he’s always been able to speak volumes without ever actually saying a word.

His quiet (read: straight-up silent) genius is a quarter-century strong, but lucky for us he’s made an exception for a very special project. Dries is the documentary that hopes to dismantle the web, peel back the layers, and have a look at the designer himself, no strings attached. It’s arguably been 25 years in the making, and though it’s not the first time filmmakers have picked a fashion maven for a doc, this one’s extra special.

You’ll have to wait until next year to see the film—which interviews the likes of Iris Apfel, Suzy Menkes, and Pamela Golbin—so until then, we’ll have to stick with our own fantasies. Peep the five things we’re hoping to see in next year’s doc.

His 19th century mansion, Ringenhof.

We’ve definitely seen the photos, but is a personal tour from Dries himself too much to ask? We think not.


The lowdown on Antwerp Six.

As a member of the legendary Belgian design collective of the 1980s, Dries was on the path to iconic from the very beginning. We’d love to hear his reflection on that period of his life—where it all started.


Inspiration notes.

What inspires a designer whose own influence knows no bounds? Only Dries himself can answer.


On balance and ritual.

The daily, mundane rituals of a legend are almost as fascinating as his most glamorous moments. Here’s hoping we’ll get to join in on a few.


His future plans.

Many would argue that Dries has already perfected his craft; what, then, could be next? Don’t leaving us hanging.


Photos via Obscura Magazine, Vogue, Dazed, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

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