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5 Things We’re Hoping Make a Cameo in The Upcoming Prince Doc

Mere months after we said our last goodbyes to the legendary David Bowie, another icon left us in mourning—the late, great Prince. We parted, albeit reluctantly, and almost one year later a silver lining has arrived: the yet-to-be-named upcoming Prince doc. Our wish list is long, and our expectations are high (understandably so), but we’ve managed to summarize our most-hoped-for cameos into a short roster of necessities. Peep the full list below, and stay tuned for the full doc, coming soon.

Inside the late artist’s Paisley Park estate

Prince hosted annual festivities at his expansive multi-million-dollar estate throughout his career, and since his death, it’s been opened permanently for public tours. That said, we’d love a personal walk-through with one (or a few) of Prince’s closest friends; a tour guide who truly knows every nook and cranny, and can give us additional insight into the late artist and his home. star tribuneAn interview with Sherry Heart, Prince’s hairdresser in the ’90s

Sherry Heart created some of Prince’s most iconic ‘dos throughout our favorite decade, and it’s no surprise that her genius has once again been put to good use: this time, as a hair stylist on HBO’s beloved TV series, Girls. Her continued success only makes us that much more curious: what was their relationship like? And, most importantly, just how did those famous ‘dos come to life? herb-rittsChildhood insight from friends and family

It’s safe to assume that Prince was born a genius—at just 18, his first record, Prince, was released, and it went Platinum. It follows, therefore, that we’re exceedingly curious about his childhood in Minneapolis, and Prince’s friends and family would be the first and best source of nostalgia. VibeAn appearance by Mayte Garcia or Manuela Testolini

Prince passed away an unmarried man, but he had two wives prior to his death in 2016. The first, Mayte, is likely an expert on ’90s Prince knowledge; the second, Manuela, knew him later on, from 2001-2006. We would love insight from either (or both) of two of Prince’s closest confidantes (who wouldn’t?). mirrorBackstage at his final tour, Piano & A Microphone

Prince only spent one week on tour before his passing, and his final, chilling performance on “Purple Rain” is now available to watch online (warning: it’s not for the faint of heart). There’s plenty left unsaid, though, and backstage footage, or interviews with his team on tour, would be welcome additions to the doc. rolling stone

Images via The Boombox, Star Tribune, Herb Ritts, Vibe, Mirror, and Rolling Stone

Stay tuned to Milk for more tributes to legends we love. 

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