Between the countless other shows that happen around the city, and the constant barrage of runway realness, it’s imperative to avoid looking like a total loser. Behold: our NYFW essentials. To ensure that you're one with the fashion set.



5 Things You *Need* During Fashion Week [NYFW]

Everyone knows that Fashion Week is one of the realest, most arduous events of the industry’s perpetual cycle. Thousands filter through Milk’s doors intermittently between the countless other shows that happen around the city, and the constant barrage of runway realness, it’s imperative to avoid looking like a total loser. With these NYFW essentials, you’ll be well on your way to being one with the fashion set, and these life lessons will transcend all those years of formal education in just five simple steps.

Face Cradle

Give your face an upgrade with the ultimate sleeping accessory. Front row can be such a drag, so hook this baby up and take a little snooze during each show. Make a statement! Face sleeping is the new flatform. We promise the designer won’t be offended.


IDville Small Business Edition ID Badge Printer Kit

Who needs to respond to PR emails when you can just print your own ID for literally everything? This professional badge printing system is the golden ticket to any (and we mean ANY) New York Fashion Week event, show, afterparty, you name it. These babies are so legit that NO ONE will question you for any reason. It’s also the perfect size for carrying in your Goyard on the go.


Bespoke Parachute

What holds tons of snacks and also serves as the perfect getaway accessory? A parachute, that’s what. Commission one made from designer material and fill it with organic fruit snacks, then offer to share with your benchmates at every show. It’s all about making fast friends, and boy, is this the way to do it. Once your couture-achute is empty, promptly head to the nearest window to make your grand exit — you’ll definitely beat the elevator line, that’s for sure.


Tiny Umbrellas

Sometimes it rains at truly inconvenient times, and one of those times is Fashion Week. Nobody has time to carry an actual full-sized umbrella around, so stock up on these mini lifesavers along with a roll or two of electrical tape (let your personality shine through your color choice) to affix them to your shoes, head, and other various accessories. Nobody likes a wet Birkin. Once you’re safely indoors, remove umbrellas from their respective temporary homes and place into your cocktail as a unique garnish that’ll get everybody in the room talking.



That’s right — sunglass singular. Sometimes those pesky runway lights are just too bright, and with the added benefit of literally no one recognizing you, this chic accessoire is impossible to ignore. Forget those fake smiles and forced introductions and turn all the way down for a day free of interaction and full of UV protection.


Images via FaceCradle,,, and Medicaldaily.comGIF by Bonnie Wang.

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