Happy 51st, Björk! If this is what over the hill looks like, count us in.



5 Times Björk's Music Video Style Stole the Show

Our favorite Icelandic goddess turns 51 today, and in celebration, we’ve rounded up her top five music video style moments of all time. When it comes to bringing her songs to life in visual form, no detail is spared—especially when it comes to fashion (which goes without saying). Here’s to another five decades of creative genius, Björk! We salute you.

1. Big Time Sensuality, 1993

We love Björk’s black and white mini buns—a sweaty summer hair staple.

2. Pagan Poetry, 2001

Sometimes less is more. It doesn’t get much more minimalist than this—body chains of cold hard diamonds on Björk in her birthday suit.

3. Moon, 2011

Björk rocks colossal orange hair intertwined with the surrounding stars and a dress that doubles as a musical instrument.

4. Who is it? 2004

Another utilitarian number made of mini silver bells and topped off with an elaborate layered braid hairstyle. Apparently she’s nothing if not practical.

5. Mutual Core, 2012

A dress of sparkles and patchwork fabric paired with a blue and red wig and rainbow eye makeup. So maybe…more is more?

Featured image by Björk Overseas Ltd

Stay tuned to Milk for more music video style stalking. 

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