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5 Times Celebs Were Disturbingly Gullible

If the flock of Instagram posts on Monday telling you to “turn on” your “notifications” happened to confuse you—you’re not alone. Turns out this was all because of a meme that everyone took way too seriously.

Remember a few weeks ago when Instagram announced their plan to change our timeline from being organized chronologically to being organized in order of what they think we care about? It caused a bit of an uproar, as you might imagine—as well as the perplexing flock of posts on Monday morning. It seems that some random Instagrammers were under the impression that the social media app would be implementing the change this week and, as such, started telling their followers to turn on post notifications so as not to miss their very important Instagram posts. It only took a couple of these posts to convince everyone else to follow suit—and by everyone, we mean everyone.

You sure about that Ellie?

Notables like Ellie Goulding, Jaime King, Ashley Tisdale, and countless others reposted the meme, thinking that the issue was serious and that, by asking their followers to turn on notifications, they were ensuring that their posts would be seen. Well know that it won’t—you’ll just get notified every time that person posts their third selfie of the day. Instagram has also debunked the rumor that changes are coming this week, promising via Twitter that they will let us know when they make the big changes. And it seems everyone else slowly caught on to this misunderstanding; since Monday, Ms. Goulding, Ms. King, and Ms. Tisdale have all deleted said posts. But of all the puzzling pieces to this confounding story, the most perplexing revelation has to be that Instagram apparently has a Twitter account?

Jokes aside, this incident proved once again that celebrities can be as gullible as us normal folk—and sometimes, even more so. As they say, Stars, they’re just like us! And if you think this is the first instance of easily deceived celebs, you’d be wrong. Feast your eyes on the below five instances in which stars should have done more research before speaking.

When Gwen Stefani Thought She Was Talking to Lady Gaga

If you haven’t noticed already, Gwen Stefani has majorly stepped up her social media game, but in a middle-aged-soccer-mom-who-has-no-clue-what-she’s-doing kind of way. While replying to Twitter fans’ praise of her new solo album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, Stefani mistook a Lady Gaga fan’s username for Mother Monster herself, and tweeted a starstruck thank you to her. When someone pointed out to Stefani that it was just another fan, her response was an embarrassed “oh!” complete with blushing emoji. At least she got the emoji right.

When Kylie Jenner Believed False Chemtrail Theories and Wanted Answers

One of the many major conspiracy theories of late involves chemtrails, the white lines that the engines of planes sometimes leave behind as they fly through the majestic skies. Yet despite being nothing more than that, Kylie Jenner refused to let them off so easily. Last year, she reposted this meme that asked many questions about these chemtrails, all of which play into dumb and false conspiracy theories. The most appalling part? The spelling and grammar in the meme: “Responcible” and “Honey Bee’s are Dying” being just a few. Someone please get Kylie a proofreader.

When Simon Cowell Thought The Fountain of Youth Was An Oxygen Tank

Simon Cowell is one of the most confident, blunt, and brutally honest—though mostly just brutal—people we know, but even he apparently has insecurities about aging just like the rest of us. So we’re not that shocked to hear the former American Idol judge adopted a routine in the name of anti-aging without fully researching its potential side-effects. According to The Telegraph, Cowell takes hits from an oxygen bottle, something that is supposedly meant to reduce stress and rejuvenate skin. But research from the University of Texas shows that too much oxygen intake can actually be deadly. No word on whether Cowell still continues this practice, but don’t be surprised if you see him in the seedy club bathroom sneaking a hit.

How many hits did he take before this fresh-faced photo?
How many hits did he take before this fresh-faced photo?

When Cher Thought Nicki Minaj Dissed Her In A Song

It’s pretty easy to ignore Twitter trolls, but once in a while they rear their ugly heads to make a splash on the lives of unsuspecting victims. Cher, who is already inept on Twitter in the most entertaining way possible, is an easy target for trolls, but none of her misled tirades were greater than the one against multi-personality rapper Nicki Minaj. When a troll told Cher that Minaj had dissed the legend in the Pink Friday track, “Did It On ‘Em”, she believed it without listening to the song. Minaj’s fans went at Cher, and she took it all in hilarious stride once she realized her error. “Gimme a fkn break! Said i was dumb!” she said, verbatim, in one of her now deleted passive-aggressive tweets. God bless her.

Cher owning her mistake in the most Cher way possible.
Cher owning her mistake in the most Cher way possible.

When Literally Everyone Got Punk’d On Punk’d

Ashton Kutcher doesn’t get enough credit for creating this iconic mid-2000s show. Nothing will ever compare. Watching A-list celebrities and MTV reality stars on their tenth minute of fame suffer through severe bouts of anxiety, anger, and panic for a mere prank was endlessly entertaining. Everyone from Kanye West to Justin Timberlake to Taylor Swift have been victims of Kutcher’s pranking prowess. Even Beyoncé got punk’d and flipped her lid on TV. Beyoncé. You would’ve thought celebs would catch on easier after eight seasons and a 2012 revival, but nope! Week after week, we watched celebrities fall for anything and everything, marking the pinnacle of quality television.

Images via Parade.com and The Daily Mail.

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