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5 Times Hunter Barnes Had us Shook

Come one, come all—if you didn’t already know, Hunter Barnes is making his way to Milk Gallery on November 3 for his upcoming exhibit “TICKETS“, and we’re taking a stroll down memory lane to get ourselves reacquainted before his upcoming exhibition and book launch with Reel Art Press.

A black & white, film photographer, Barnes extensive body of creative work is an exploration into the depths of our culture that rarely make it into mainstream media. From his forays into documenting a rural West Virginian church in a collection called, “A Testimony of Serpent Handling”, to his latest exhibit, “TICKETS”, featuring a traveling carnival, Barnes’ photos evoke a sense of mystery that transforms ennui into curiosity. “TICKETS” will be open to the public, admission free of charge, at Milk Gallery (450 West 15th Street, Ground fl, NY) from November 3 until December 3.

Hunter Barnes has already made a name for himself at Milk Gallery; in fact, he’s the only artist the gallery represents. Splitting his time between photographing people on the road and developing his prints in his Oregon studio, Barnes usually happens upon his subjects spontaneously. For his latest exhibit, Barnes documented a group of carnies that he had stumbled upon years ago while trekking across Florida. Now, his photos showcasing this community are finally seeing the light of day. Already love what you see? You can preorder the Tickets book now from Milk Gallery here.

Here are five collections that Barnes’ has done, that have truly blown us away.


Throughout his journeys on the road, Barnes has documented the people and places that he’s encountered in this collection, hence the aptly named, Roadbook. Full of faces and names, Barnes’ documentation of these lives and stories feels honest and stark, an unadorned showcase of what and who he’s come across throughout his travels.“A Testimony of Serpent Handling”

A documentation of members within a rural, West Virginia serpent handling church, this photo series is an honest exposition of a small knit spiritual community. Barnes is an avid observer and participant with all of subjects, and we couldn’t have asked for a more accurate, intimate portrait. “The People”

This photo series follows and documents Barnes’ journey with the Ne Mee Poo/Ni Mii Puu tribe. Having met a man named Uncle Irving at the Tamkaliks pow wow in Wallowa, Oregon, Barnes’ was then invited to the Lapwai Idaho Reservation as a trusted friend to the people.“A World Away”

After an attempted suicide bomber tried to kill a military general, Barnes visited Sri Lanka to document the bloody civil war between the rebels and the government, and the people caught between.“TICKETS”

Perhaps our favorite photo series of all, Barnes’ latest exploration follows a band of traveling sideshow performers. The photos are a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of a nomadic carnival.Lucky for you, his exhibit “TICKETS”, will be on display right here at Milk Gallery, starting November 3 until December 3. Come check it out, and take a trip through the wonderful, amazing world of Hunter Barnes.

Images courtesy of Hunter Barnes

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