Long ago, before Nicki Minaj dominated the female rap game, there was only one woman in hip-hop that mattered and that woman was Lil' Kim. Here, we rounded up five times the iconic rapper did it first.



5 Times Lil’ Kim Did It First

Long ago, before Nicki Minaj dominated the female rap game and the only Kim on the scene was in no way, shape, or form a Kardashian, there was one woman successfully selling hip-hop albums alongside the likes of Jay Z, P-Diddy, and Tupac. And that woman was, of course, Lil’ Kim; back in the ’90s, our girl was making big moves in both rap and fashion that would inspire musical and fashion icons for years to come. From sheer unitards to (apparently) even Ray J—rest assured, Lil’ Kim did it first. Below, we’ve rounded up five such examples.

The Royal Blue Fur Coat

Everybody knows Rihanna can rock a fur coat like nobody’s business—the Bad Gal has ‘em in every color of the rainbow, or so it seems. But there is still only one OG when it comes to statement outerwear, and that’s Lil’ Kim. In the music video for her 1997 hit “Crush on You,” the rapper donned a royal blue fur coat that bears a striking resemblance to the one Rihanna wore almost two decades later. Both of them are clearly #winning, but Lil’ Kim will always be the winner—and we think Rihanna would agree.


The Straddle-Squat

In ‘96, Lil’ Kim turned heads with her Hardcore album cover, in which she flaunted her flexibility and posed in an arresting and rather impressive spread-eagle squat. Fast forward 18 years, and there’s Nicki Minaj in a squat pose for her single “Anaconda” that looks very similar to Kim’s, except shot from behind. We’re going to assume both women were not getting ready for crow pose. 


The Statement Boot

It’s 2016, and it seems that every model and celeb with legs owns at least ten pairs of over-the-knee-or-at-least-gracing-the-knee boots. Particularly ones that make both a statement and an outfit. Kim K was seen out and about in bright blue, distressed denim ones, however we feel it’s our duty to mention that, like most things, Lil’ Kim did the statement, knee-gracing boot first too. They were python with pink accents, and they were worn to the Tommy Hilfiger “Rock Style” Exhibition at the Met in 1999.


The Fishnet Frock

While perhaps not the most obvious pairing, we’ve always thought Lil’ Kim and Miley Cyrus to be a match made in heaven. And with every year, it seems Cyrus embraces another aspect of the iconic rapper. Take Cyrus’ performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in 2013; for it, she wore a white fishnet dress that left not a whole lot to the imagination. Rewind a decade or so back, however, and you’ll notice that it was Lil’ Kim who spearheaded the mesh dress trend, and like all things, did so with aplomb. 


The Glorified Nipple Pasty 

It’s safe to assume that there isn’t a single soul on this planet who doesn’t know about Lil Kim’s boob-hanging outfit at the ’99 VMAs; my dog even knows about it, and she’s practically blind. But in case you’re having a hard time recalling it, we’ll refresh your memory: it was lavender, sparkly, covered one shoulder (and one boob), with a shell-shaped nipple pasty to match. And while we’re sure Anthony Vaccarello is well aware that the glorified nipple pasty featured in his first Saint Laurent show isn’t the first of its kind, we would be remiss not to remind him here.


Lead graphic by Ashley Britton.

Stay tuned to Milk for more reasons to worship Lil’ Kim.

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