Peep these traditionally “masculine” pieces that women have claimed as their own.



5 Times Women Wore “Masculine” Shit Better Than Men Did

The definition of masculine reads, “having quality or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness.” Thanks, Google.

While the concepts of masculinity and femininity are becoming antiquated, fashion is entering into a more androgynous space, and gender is becoming fluid. We rounded up the key moments in which women adopted traditionally “masculine” styles and declared them as their own—putting refreshing spins on oftentimes worn out male aesthetics.

Buzz CutsThe OG queen of androgyny, Grace Jones, effortlessly put the buzz cut on the map. She even went so far as to state that her shaved head directly resulted in her first orgasm, which is pretty fucking cool (sign us up). Needless to say, this hairless hairstyle gives us endless inspiration.

Ties In 1966, Terence Donovan shot Twiggy in a men’s tie—a photo that was on display in a 2015 exhibition in Amsterdam, “Swinging Sixties London: Photography in the Capital of Cool”. The photo perfectly illustrates the experimentation that characterized the Swinging Sixties—a crucial moment in history for gender equality and progressive fashion. 

BlazersNancy Spungen, half of the notorious and controversial “Sid and Nancy” duo, was photographed on numerous occasions in an oversized men’s black blazer. An iconic figurehead in New York’s punk scene in the 1970’s, Spungen’s choice in fashion, which mirrors her dude’s getup, marks a significant moment for androgyny.

Combat BootsHistorically, combat boots were meant for—well—men in combat. One of our favorite shoots spotlights the shoes: the July 2014 issue of Vogue Russia, featuring Juliana Schurig in combat boots, shot by Emma Tempest. The gender fluid looks were styled and art directed impeccably, highlighting the traditionally masculine leather footwear on a female.

Leather JacketsThe original leather jacket dates back to WWI fighter pilots. The style then hit the mainstream when it became a popular choice for motorcycle riders in the form of the “biker jacket”. In 1977, Debbie Harry paired a biker jacket with camo pants for the dopest of looks and fashion history was made, folks.

Images via Vogue, Daily Mail, Fashion Gone Rogue, and Harper’s Bazaar 

Stay tuned to Milk for more androgynous style slaying. 

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