Let's take a walk through the 25-year-old rapper's most epic style moments to date, shall we?



5 Times Young Thug's Style Slayed Us All

The rapper, model, and King of Gender Nonconformity formerly known as Young Thug, and currently known as Jeffery Lamar Williams, has somehow managed to create some of the greatest editorials (and music) of our generation during his rather short-lived career. And after ditching the moniker “Young Thug”—and then posing for his highly anticipated mixtape wearing a periwinkle gown—he’s become quite the popular topic of conversation.

And now he’s making headlines again after announcing his intention to wed longtime fiancé Jerrika Karlae while suited up in a wedding gown. “There will be two brides,” the rapper said in an interview with Billboard. “When it comes to swag, there’s no gender involved.”

And frankly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. So to celebrate Williams’ freethinking, we’re looking back on his five best style moments of the past two years.

Young Thug x Ricardo Tisci

“Best Friend” is already a brilliant enough song as is, but Thugger takes it to the next level in the song’s video with his slow motion stroll and head-to-toe cream ‘fit complete with Riccardo Tisci-designed Nike Air Force 1s. One of the 25-year-old rapper’s best style moments thus far, if you ask us.

Young Thug Covers Dazed

Last year, Dazed profiled Thug in an interview and editorial that generated mixed responses all across the internet. The rapper posed for the cover of the publication wearing (or should we say, slaying­­) a Gucci lace top, for what we could say was one of the most iconic moments of 2015. The cover was released shortly after Thugger’s stylist, Joanna Zarur, told Pitchfork he used to buy dresses from the children’s department of stores. “Sometimes he’ll do stuff on purpose that he knows will piss people off,” she explained. “If people start talking shit about his nails being red, he’ll put crystals on the nails. Talk about his jeans, he’s like, ‘I want tighter jeans.’ He goes out of his way to make sure people know he doesn’t care.”

Williams in a Gucci lace top and ring for the cover of ‘Dazed.’ Shot by Harley Weir and styled by Robbie Spencer.

Thugger’s Jeffery Album Cover

Just two weeks ago, Williams nearly broke the internet again after releasing the artwork for his mixtape, “JEFFERY”, which features the rapper in a now-famous gown by VFiles’ Alessandro Tricone. According to the photographer, Garfield Larmond, Thugger knew immediately after seeing the dress that he wanted to wear it, mainly because of its Assasin Creed vibes.

Cover of ‘Jeffery,’ shot by Garfield Larmond.


CR Fashion Book

Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book published a very chic, yet unexpected editorial featuring the rapper shortly after his career began to take off. Thugger, captured by Lea Colombo, posed in a few unconventional looks ranging from Dior to Milk-approved brand Eckhaus Latta, in some of his best looks to date.

Shot by Lea Colombo for ‘CR Fashion Book.’ 

Young Thug #InHisCalvins

Calvin Klein tapped a handful of familiar faces for its Fall 2016 global campaign. Shot by Tyrone Lebon, Jeffery posed in CK women’s wear, creating the most talked about editorial of the bunch, and sharing his insight on gender fluidty. “There is no such thing as gender,” he told the brand. “In my world, of course, it don’t matter you could be a gangster with a dress or you could be a gangster with baggy pants.”

Williams in Calvin Klein’s fall 2016 campaign, shot by Tyrone Lebon.

Images by Tyrone Lebon, Lea Colombo, Garfield Larmond, and Harley Weir.

Stay tuned to Milk for more rappers we’re repping. 

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