Milk Gallery PRESENTS | Japan Rising

Milk is excited to be part of JAPAN RISING, a silent art auction and fundraiser to aid the survivors of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster. Some of our favorite photographers and artists are with us on this – Bill McMullen, Christian Witkin, Enrique Badulescu, Faile, Frederic Pinet, Gordon Hull, JK5, Jonathan Mannion, John Guerrero, Jon Santos, Kai Regan, Kenji Aoki, Kenzo Minami, Maya Hayuk, Nathaniel Goldberg, Nick Zinner, Nigel Parry, Peter Sutherland, Richard Kern, Richard Phibbs, Robert Fontanelli, Ruvan Wiejesooriya, Sante D’Orazio, Sebastian Kim, Shu Akashi, Steve McCurry, Stewart Shining, William Abranowicz and more.

Like what you see? We’ll be previewing new work every day – and then come out on April 28th to support and buy.

(top to bottom: Kevin Tachman, Christian Witkin, Richard Phibbs, William Abranowicz, Sebastian Kim, Nick Zinner, Andrew Sutherland)

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