6 artists who have us raising the brightness on our computers and gluing our faces to our screens.



6 Hyperrealist Artists Whose Work Will Have You Trippin'

Hyperrealism, by definition—our definition—is a genre of painting or sculpture that is so fucking detailed, it basically looks like a photograph, or the real thing. Think of it like this—if butter is the photograph, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” is its hyperrealist painted representation. Hyperrealist artists are respected immensely for their extreme attention to detail and ability to practically replicate reality with their hands. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites that have had us raising the brightness on our computers and gluing our faces to our screens. Peep ’em all below.

Ron MueckRon Mueck is a Melbourne-born, London-based sculptor whose work has been exhibited in museums and galleries all around the world. His sculptures, though exaggerated in scale, are extremely realistic in detail. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like for Jack to climb that bean stalk and face a giant, find yourself at one of his next exhibits.

Chloe WiseAnother hyperrealist sculptor (though it’s not her only medium), Chloe Wise definitely colors outside the lines of hyperrealism. Her breadth of work features surrealist oil paintings that incorporate classic technique with some uniquely original imagery, and mixed media sculptures of carbs that look so real you’d think someone actually left a plate of spaghetti in a gallery; the list really goes on for this talented young artist. Miss Wise’s work, quite literally, offers food for thought.

Christopher Minafo

This young New York native, who has dubbed himself “The Photorealist” (per his Instagram handle…so pretty official), is currently a student at New York University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. That said, he has received a considerable amount of press at such a young age, mostly for his really impressive, really large portraits of Hollywood’s rich and famous. Minafo’s time-lapse videos feature his entire art-making process and have garnered thousands of views.

Robin EleyThat’s right, rub your eyes again—that’s a painting. Robin Eley is an English artist, now based in Los Angeles, whose work has been acquired by numerous private art collections and has earned him multiple art awards. Eley’s impressive renderings of portraits and textures through way of oil paint are particular to the artist’s style.

Sharon MoodySharon Moody focuses her hyperrealist talents on reflecting human desire for amusement and stimulation through creating work based on games and other forms of entertainment. She purposes her work as illusions to diversion, and it certainly works.

Pedro CamposCampos is a Spanish-born painter who draws inspiration from a variety of artists. He incorporates an element of pop art, but has managed to master a style individual to himself from it. While glossy, his images prove less loud and more understated—Andy Warhol’s shy, hyperrealist cousin perhaps.

Images via Hauser & Wirth, Chloe Wise, Artnet, Sharon Moody and Pedro Campos

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