Brushing The Dust Off Peach Plum Pear

Peach Plum Pear follows the story of Jesse and his best friend Will as they venture west for an unsettlingly vague reason.

Writer Samantha Genovese let the pages of her first screenplay sit finished for years tucked neatly under her bed. It wasn’t until she showed the script to first time director Alana Morshead, who had recently graduated from Los Angeles Film School and was eager to find a project worth sinking her teeth into, that theĀ events would be set into motion to turn Samantha’s vision into a reality.
"The hardest part was raising the money" Samantha confesses, "These girls asking for all this money to make a film [even though] none of us had ever done any of this before. Why would people even trust us?"

With only three months of intense preproduction spearheaded by the young producer Annelise Dekker, the girls were able to raise enough money to begin making their film. "I learned so much and it’s the thing I’ve done that I’m most proud of in my life. It cemented in me the desire to make movies. [Seeing] some piece of art that makes you feel emotions and knowing that you are a part of the force that created it is the best feeling in the world. It’s beyond pride… it’s purpose" gushed Annelise.

Since the film’s debut it has been screened at several independent film festivals and has taken home such prestigious awards as "Best in Show" "Best Picture" and "Best Narrative", all of which are well deserved badges for the young trio of female film makers to wear. Peach Plum Pear is a marvelous accomplishment and stands as a true testament to the belief that true independent films aren’t a thing of the past, they are simply waiting for someone to take them out from under their bed and blow the dust off of them.

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