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Hidden in New York’s lower, Lower East Side- a clandestine gem is found at 175 Rivington. The stimulating artistic hub, End of Century, operates as a revolving platform showcasing emerging designers, artists, and all around creatives. Filled with unusual trinkets and enduring treasures, the multifaceted space owned by the humble Chantal Chadwick and Lara Hodulick is certainly noteworthy. The enthralling duo is currently working on the shop’s upcoming installation- an edible collaboration with local artisanal food products. I caught up with the remarkable Chantal about change, the art of food, and a sweet plan for summer.

SG: You have nurtured the space under the ideals of “change”- how does End of Century preserve it’s identity amid the constant rotation?

CC: End of Century has actually created it’s identity based on change. Our goal was to have a space without boundaries, somewhere that could host a trunk show one night and a film screening the next. We wanted to bring everything that interests and inspires us: art, fashion, literature, music, etc. under one roof as cohesively as possible. The need for change exists as more of a challenge than anything: What can we discover next? What haven’t we done? It keeps us searching, pushing and surprising ourselves. We would be bored to death otherwise and we would miss out on so much. It is too easy to become lazy and complacent… that is always my greatest fear.

SG: End of Century will be premiering Cisterna, a site-specific, interactive video installation by Spencer Dennis and Daniel Spangler. How did the collaboration transpire?

CC: My boyfriend Spencer has been a huge part of End of Century since it opened but thus far has stayed relatively behind the scenes. We had the opportunity to live in an amazing studio space for the month of June which allowed the project to transpire. Spencer and [his friend] Daniel have been working together for the past 3 years at a film production company so it was a natural collaboration for them. Actually, Daniel has been with End of Century since the beginning… his short experimental film, Freedom, was part of the original program looping on one of our vintage TV’s. And the program was curated by Spencer. So yeah, it was about time.

SG: Death of Print, your current installation showcasing over 30 self-published artist books, zines, and other printed media will be closing soon- what’s up next for the shop?

CC: We are sad to see Death of Print go, given it was a huge success and put us in contact with so many brilliant artists. However, we are in the process of curating a "shelf" of local, artisanal food products. I am consistently impressed with the abundance of beautiful, handmade edibles and the artistry behind it, everything from content to package design. There are plans of a conceptual dinner to go along with the installation towards the end of July.

SG: How will End of Century spend the summer?

CC: Sipping Corona’s on the beach at 175 Rivington Street.

End of Century
175 Rivington Street
New York, NY

Shopgirl: Natasha Nuñez
Photos by: Natasha Nuñez

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