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Highlighting the beauty and unadulterated reality of girls as their own ideal, teenVAG features the work of twelve female artists and their reinterpretation of the feminine coming of age. Assembled under the basis of photography, the first issue of the biannual zine exposes intimate moments that celebrate the essence of womanhood while confounding stereotypical perceptions of female sex appeal.

The collection of curated images evoke a refreshing perspective as well as a compelling insight into the underpinning ideals of teenVAG. Twelve transcendent viewpoints frame a body of work that speaks for itself and indicates a promising future for each individual artist and the collective as a whole.

teenVAG issue # 1 features the work of Nina Hartmann, Sandy Kim, Maggie Lee, Nicole Lesser, Allison Levy, Kathy Lo, Katheryn Love, Natasha Nuñez, Luisa Opalesky, Logan White, Coco Young, and Nadirah Zakariya.

Check out http://teenvag.com for a full list of stockists in the NY area!

  • Natasha Nuñez
    (Photos: Natasha Nuñez)

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