Opening Night | By Tara Subkoff

We’ve been obsessed with Tara Subkoff ever since she relaunched Imitation at MAC & MILK SS11. The multi-talented designer, whose presentations are as much performance art as they are runway shows (handcuffs and vacuum cleaners have figured prominently… and models once practiced walking with rabbits on leashes and doves on tethers), chose to show her Resort collection cinematically – on the big screen – with a gorgeous, Old-Hollywood style silent film.

The story plays on every girl’s fear: "getting all dressed up with nowhere to go!". Spoiler alert: our heroine is surprised with a big party (at Tiny’s, Sean Avery and Matt Abramovyk’s new hotspot) attended by some of our favorite girls around town: Lissy Trulie, Karima Adebibe, Becka Diamond, Cecile Winkler, Sasha Owen-Longfellow, Amber Ibarreche, Erin Axtell, and Ilirjana Alushaj.

Tara talks inspiration, girl-on-girl and what’s next:

On the concept:

Inspired by silent movies.. Charlie Chaplin most of all.. Also Lubitsch and buster keaton. I love the romance and off beat sense of humor and wanted this collection to reflect this .. And the film to create that mood and sense of magic and a sweet surprise. In the film I really wanted to celebrate Marriage equality! And have a really modern twist on an age old theme.

On the girls:

Tannaz and Sydney my co producers really rounded up the girls and had strong ideas about who would be best for each roles. We wanted an actress who would really create this mood and have a strong look. As well as the coolest hottest girls in nyc for the party!

On what’s next

Aww.. You know I never tell.. Wait and see.. Hopefully another pleasant surprise!

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