Milk Artist | Dan Christofferson

Artist Dan Christofferson is a painter/sketch artist currently based in his hometown of Salt Lake City. His art is subtly infused with cryptic symbols that reflect Utah’s unique culture, allowing him to weave intricate stories throughout each piece. Christofferson often forgoes canvas in favor of less traditional surfaces such as found items and carved wooden mantle pieces. By opting for uncommon surfaces, Christofferson enhances the mysteries embedded in his work, making the narratives of his characters implicitly enigmatic. His love for visual storytelling is evident in his exhibitions, and his thematic choice of Russian nesting dolls as subject matter is indicative of the depth Christofferson conceptualizes his undertakings. "The nesting doll concept is a simple but aesthetically beautiful way to call attention to [the] different layers inside each of us."

Currently, Christofferson is preparing for an August showing at the Kayo Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

–Mike Abu

Beeteeth by Dan Christofferson

Kayo Gallery

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