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6/5/17: Your Weekly Activist Events Roundup

This week in headlines was particularly bleak for the planet at large: while Trump held fast to his campaign promise of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, global warming barreled ahead, and the Earth continued its warming as scheduled. And while the rest of the world banned together to help protect this lovely little planet on which we reside, Trump (and, consequently, the US), took one giant step backwards.

We’re here to stand against Trump’s antics and stand up for what’s right—environmentally and otherwise. Ready to join the resistance in NYC? See below.

Tuesday, June 6

Rise and Resist MeetingWhat: Join the resistance by attending this volunteers meeting whose mission is to have the largest impact possible, whether that be through direct action, policy, or NYC-based protests.

When: 7—9 PM

Where: The Church of The Village, A Progressive United Methodist Community, 201 W 13th St, New York, NY, 10011

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Wednesday, June 7

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Brooklyn MeetingWhat: Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a “non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization pushing for political action on climate change.” Join the fourth meeting of the local Brooklyn chapter and come ready for discussions on how to enact sensible climate policy on a local, state, and national level.

When: 6:30 PM—7:30 PM

Where: Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11238

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Thursday, June 8

Kids Activism Day! What: Grab your kiddos, younger siblings, and whoever you’re babysitting for a morning of coffee, pancakes, and social activism at Dizzy’s Diner, hosted by the #GetOrganizedBK team. This is part of their weekly social activism meet-up series, organized in an effort to bring together the youngest activists this city has to offer: kids.

When: 9 AM—10 AM

Where: Dizzy’s Diner, 230 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

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Friday, June 9

Petitioning: Save the EPA!What: It’s time to pound the pavement and petition Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to put a halt to Trump’s assault on the EPA. Trump plans to cut 31 percent of the EPA’s budget and lay off 20 percent of its workers—add your name and help defend the climate and the EPA.

When: 12 PM—2 PM

Where: Union Square, 14th St and University Place, Manhattan

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Saturday, June 10

NYC Loves Muslims Rally + MarchWhat: Counteract the hate-filled “March Against Sharia” protest with a love-filled, community-centered rally at New York City Hall. Islamophobia has no place in the city or this country; show your solidarity by standing with the Muslims of NYC.

When: 10 AM—2 PM

Where: New York City Hall

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Featured image via The Nation

Stay tuned to Milk for more actionable items in NYC.

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