As September looms around the corner and F/W collections inch towards the sales floor and onto the racks, one can only cozy right up to the idea of knits- chunky knits, luxe knits, delicate knits woven from the finest natural fibers Mother Earth offers. Emerging accessory line Clyde, founded by the magnetic Dani Griffiths, has organically reached the peak of its conceptual development while still offering the handcrafted ethos which initially inspired the collection. The part-time shop girl, designer, and all around charmer with a green thumb stumbled upon Greg Armas’ cryptic shop on Ludlow Street several years ago after making the big move to New York. “After being with Assembly New York for three years, we’ve moved into a fantastic new space, where I’m Sales Director of our Menswear collection that we developed for our shop on Ludlow (now sold internationally), and the one who knows the ins and outs.” I caught up with the busy Vancouver native who admits to being a house plant worshiper and hopes to leave behind a warm, perpetual history alongside her snug creations.

ShopGirl: Tell me about your first encounter with knits, a love affair that began early on.

DG: Clyde was something I conceived when I was 14 or 15, I snowboarded a lot and wanted to have some fun with weird headwear on the hill. I used to crochet hats that were themed after ice cream flavors. Like chocolate chip mint, neapolitan, rainbow sorbet… funny, for some reason my friends wanted to buy them from me.

SG: What is keeping Clyde inspired these days?

DG: I feel there is great importance in hand made goods. They tell a story and leave a mark in time. Hopefully someone will come across a piece down the road and be able to feel history in it, see the way it’s worn in. Those things just make the whole process better. I’m also fascinated by natural fibers, working with beautiful wool from animals keeps me connected to the big Mother of Earth!

SG: Clyde has embarked on several collaborations, most recently a designer collaboration with Assembly New York. Any upcoming projects to look out for?

DG: I’ve been thinking about gardening all the time, yeah that’s true, haha. Some may call me a house plant worshiper… that also may be true… Collaborations are like magnifying ideas, I love them! The only thing I can tell you is that it may involve felt, molds, and David Hershberger— the guy I spend a bunch of time with.

SG: What can we expect to see in Clyde’s upcoming F/W2012 collection?

DG: Color, shapes, clothing pieces?! Hats! It’s so crazy hot out… and somehow I’m still thinking about wool!

–Natasha Nuñez

Assembly New York

Welcome to Clyde

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