The final day of the Escape to New York festival was marred by the threat of poor weather and the inevitable cancellation by request of the Shinnecock Indian Nation due to safety concerns. The news was disappointing for everyone involved, but we made lemonade out of lemons back at our airstream, where people continued to party like it was 1999. The overnight arrival of a flock of plastic pink flamingos surprised everyone, and it became commonplace to see people walking around with one of the birds in their arms as they adopted the synthetic wildlife. Vinny Magic wowed onlookers with a display of illusion, and despite the constant warnings of looming lightning storms, the dance party lasted well into the night.

Overall, the festival was an experience we will never forget. Despite the meteorological setbacks, Escape to New York plans on returning next year for even more mayhem, and you better believe that we will be there making a presence too.

Milk Made would like to thank our sponsors, Kanon Vodka and Lacoste for helping make this possible, as well as our videography friends at Project Fathom. Most of all, we would like to thank our entire staff, including producer Ilona Klaver, production assistants Pardis Saberi and Mike Abu, photo assistant Scott Simpson, directors Kalvin Lazarte and Katie Dineen, and our amazing photographers, Jessie Adler, Brian DePinto, Amanda Hakan, Eric Hodgman, Jake Jones, James Parker, Edward Mulvhill, Akasha Rabut, Brandee Brown and Steven Stone. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you.

So to all those who partied alongside us this year, as well those who simply wished they could, lets make it a date for next year!

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