Escape To New York | Milk's Pop Up Studio

One of the of the only free things you could find at the Escape to New York festival was Milk’s Pop Up Studio. Here you could come and get a printed photo of you and your friends in a rustic setting inspired by the Shinnecock reservation and Milk’s own in house studios. Instead of a purely white backdrop, our set included elements that we felt fit the scene, including a canvas tarp draped between two trees, underbrush falling into the scene and a hatchet we jammed into a log (which quickly became a prop wielded by our more daring models). This uncommon venue for a professional portrait station fit seamlessly among the art installations surronding it, bringing with it Milk’s signature touch and adding to the spirit of the festival.

The mobile studio was frequented by everybody. BP Fallon and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes stopped by to get their photos taken, as did countless costumed festival goers and one giant psychedelic toad. Our eclectic collection of photographs highlights the diversity of the crowd, and we’re happy to share some of our favorite shots with you.

Photographer Steven Stone and assistant Scott Simpson worked diligently throughout the duration of the festival, making sure that everyone had the chance to get their individual portrait. They managed to capture the festival in a way that no one else could, giving prominence to their subjects by separating them from the busy festival background. Other magazines might have photos of bubbles floating in front of a stage, but only Milk Made has photos of glampers in the abstract.

–Mike Abu

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