Designer Diaries | Katie Gallagher - Entry 1

Sveater is the biggest cat in New York City.

Seriously though, we’ve seen tigers that are dwarfed in comparison. How a cat that big could reside in a small apartment doubling as a studio space in Chinatown is beyond us, but we’re not the type to leave stones unturned. Sure, curiosity might have killed the cat, but what would we do with nine lives anyway? Milk Made’s Mike Abu and Kalvin Lazarte got the chance to go hangout with their friends Katie Gallagher and Nikolay Saveliev at their live-in workspace, and accompanied them as they took their monstrous kitty to get a lion’s haircut. Sveater (sweater in Russian) was too hot for his namesake. This marks the first of a series of sneak peaks into the daily life of fashion designer Katie Gallagher. 

Katie Gallagher: Sveater is a five year old Maine Coon, who I rescued in Providence, soon after our previous cat disappeared through the walls of my rickety Rhode Island basement. Our first cat, who we refer to as Sveater Zero, was such a twerp that he was able to squeeze through the floorboards of our home and run away; after searching for him for weeks, I decided to adopt a novelty-sized cat that wouldn’t be able to burrow in any walls.

The PARL (Providence Animal Rescue League) christened Sveater "Houdini", because he was able to open the lock to his cage, and run away. We renamed him something a little more personable, and have been shaving him every fashion week ever since; less cat hair on the samples!

Video by: Wyeth Hansen

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