Few photographers are willing to take on the world quite like Milk Made’s Spencer Amadeus Wohlrab. His iconoclastic approach sets him apart from conventional photographers, freeing him up to experiment with anything his hyper-creative mind can come up with. Spencer’s characteristically untamed techniques stem from a crushing breakup he went through years ago. Accordingly, his self-deprecating persona takes photos that might otherwise appear to be snapshots of summer fun and turns them into portraits of internal sadness. It is less the actual scene that Spencer is trying to capture than his own indomitable emotions.

Spencer’s entire body of work is both dedicated to and inspired by a girl who no longer needs him. When asked to explain his methods for capturing honest images, Spencer replied, "I once was in love, but I won’t bore you with that now. But in short, I gave her everything I had and she tore my heart out, but not before draining me of all my money and emotions, leaving me damaged and unable to open up to anyone for fear of having my heart ripped out again." It is this level of self-aware sincerity that makes Spencer’s photos particularly raw.

These images represent a glimpse of a man desperately chasing the ghost of a relationship. If Spencer’s creativity truly is based on perpetual depression, Milk Made hopes he remains sad forever.

–Mike Abu

Spencer Amadeus Wohlrab

Model–Schaefer @ Wilhelmina

Stylist–Catherine Wiley

Photos 1-3: Phillip Lim dress, Ray Ban sunglasses, Elizabeth and James shoes, Catherine Wiley’s stockings.

Photos 4 & 7: Catherine Wiley’s robe and slip.

Photos 5-6: Vanessa Bruno blazer, Theory dress

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