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Milk Gallery, along with the international photo co-op Magnum Photos, is pleased to present Magnum in Motion LIVE, an exhibition of multimedia essays based on the events surrounding 9/11. The exhibit features the work of six photographers who have archived images highlighting the impact the disaster has had over the past 10 years, and over 100 pieces of original content are on display.

The theme of this exhibit explores more than just September 11th itself, focusing on the impact the catastrophe had towards daily life, politics and national policies as well. As Magnum in Motion Director Adrian Kelterborn said, "It’s interesting to see the different styles and techniques of the photographers as they follow individual stories that weave in together around the same thing."

The original content is produced by both Magnum photographers and the Magnum in Motion team. On August 23rd, Magnum photographer Peter Van Agtmael will present a slideshow of his recent work, followed by a panel discussion with Director Adrian Kelterborn and Moderator Song Chong. The exhibition, held in our own Milk Gallery, starts at 7 PM and is open to the public, though Magnum requests you RSVP for the talk and panel discussion at [email protected].

We’ll see you there.

–Mike Abu

Photos by: Peter van Agtmael

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