Photographer Andrew Boyle came through Milk Studios the other day to shoot Black Taffy, his newest series of fashion photos. Afterwards, we asked him a few questions about his work and what it’s like to transition from one style of photography to another.

Milk Made: What were your inspirations for the series?

Andrew Boyle: I had inspiration from Jill Greenberg’s ‘Jump’ series. It’s full of gloss and energy and I just like the random nature of when a model has to pose mid air and think about everyelement of what her body and face is doing, and there is a split second in there where it comes together, coupled with the unpredictability inertia of her movement and the garments as they react to it. The Taffy element came from the use of color wrapped through the subjects hair. It reminded me of licorice.

MM: What was it like working with Justin Min?

AB: Justin and I have worked together for about a year now. We met when we shot some stories for The Dirty Durty Diary Magazine and it led to us just getting together and test shooting whenever we can, just for the fun of it. He’s very energetic and excited about fashion and has this freaky knowledge of trends, collections and designers, so I just let him go to town.

MM: You have a strong background in photographing live musicians as well as portrait photography. How different is it to shoot those genres compared with fashion studio photography?

AB: The portraits I work on are the complete opposite of what I do in the studio; It’s just me, the subject and a medium format film camera, really one on one. There is something romantic about the texture and nature of film, it makes it feel more like a craft as you move a little slower and I always feel privileged that someone will give me the time to capture them and who they really are. The live music photography is an addiction to me. I have been really fortunate to shoot some incredible bands on and off the stage. The live element is a great challenge as I am searching for a moment that sums up that artist as a performer and the experience of the live show, whilst the chaos of the crowd and the music more or less batters you from every angle. But when you get that shot that sums up the expreience it’s magic.

–Mike Abu


Photographed by: Andrew Boyle

Styled by: Justin Min

Hair: Eloise Cheung @ Walter Schupfer Management using Frederic Fekkai products

Makeup: Yinna Wang

Models: Umi at Elite
Claire at New York Models

Garments credits:
Photo 1: Vivienne Tam top & skirt

Photo 2: Jen Kao dress & shoes

Photo 3: Vivienne Tam dress & boots

Photo 4: Guishem dress, Erickson Beamon necklace, Charlotte Ronson shoes

Photo 5: Libertine dress, gloves shoes & tights. Erickson Beamon necklace

Photo 6: Libertine dress, gloves shoes & tights

Photo 7: Catherine Deane gown

Photo 8: Guishem dress

Photographed at Milk Studios

Andrew Boyle

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