Designer Diaries | Katie Gallagher - Entry 2

When life deals Katie Gallagher blood, Katie makes bloody marys. Of course normal garnishes will never do, she prefers something with six legs and compound eyes. It’s a safe bet that this time next season, you’ll be sucking down alcoholic arthropods too…

Katie Gallagher: I had the pleasant experience of sewing a particularly massive piece made of material that felt like a wool carpet to my finger. This has happened to me twice in my life now — the first reaction is shock, followed by an intense need to unthread your finger from the piece; then the blood comes, quickly, and plentifully, followed by tears.

I know now only way to forget the experience is with a liquid dinner.

Nikolay tracked down the perfect solution; the bar we’d been hoping
would come along for years just opened! Smoked martinis with salmon,
cocktails rimmed with cheese shavings, eight variations on a bloody
mary, oatmeal milk, and, most importantly, rocks, scorpions,
grasshoppers and toasted bees. Savory with an insect gimmick to match, we went off to White & Church.

I think we tried every one of those bloody marys, and I even ate some
bugs. Grasshoppers are definitely preferable to scorpions. Most
importantly, I had forgot that I’d just been attached to a skirt hours

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