Designer Diaries | Katie Gallagher - Entry 3

As Fashion Week grows ever closer, Katie Gallagher’s days get busier and busier. In such hectic times, what other choice does Katie have than to employ the help of an "Angel"?

Katie Gallagher: Let’s start it off with "good news and bad news"! The good news is
that I finished sewing every last piece of the collection today–85
samples, patterned, cut, and sewn here in my living room; I’m pretty
excited to have a fifth season on my hands to show here at Milk!

The bad: there’s 800 more pieces to sew; the 800 invites. Everyone
that gets an invite for this season gets a piece that’s been
personally punctured, sewn, licked and sealed by either myself or

After slogging through our first batch of two hundred, we went over to
our friend John Barboni‘s restaurant, Hudson Clearwater, for some amazing snacks, drinks, and a little bit of magic. Nikolay’s childhood friend Angel is in town, and
she kindly offered her services to read my tarot in a private room

If you’ve never had your cards read, well, it’s absolutely amazing! My
first time was as good as a first time should feel; accurate,
insightful, and magical.

Of course, what the reading said is a secret! But if you ever do it,
make sure you lose your tarot virginity to someone as amazing as
Angel; as no phonies, hacks or substitutes will do!

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