Designer Diaries | Where in the World Is George Esquivel?

When Milk Made first talked with shoe designer George Esquivel about working together on a lead up to the debut of his new collection during Paris Fashion Week, we were delighted that he was on board. However, after a few weeks and dozens of messages left on George’s answering machine, we started to worry. Just as we were about to send out a search party, we arrive at the office one morning to find that inside our mailbox was a package from none other than our long lost friend George.

Inside the package there were photos showing George in London – dining, visiting friends, shopping, and doing business with respected names in the industry. The quick snap shots showed what London is like for a man in a hurry, and after going through all of his photographs we came to the conclusion that George might have been a bit too busy to bother checking his voicemail.

Along with the photographs, Esquivel had included his first entry for the diary, which we are sure he wrote on the back of a napkin or while stopped at a stop light on his way from one meeting to the next. Esquivel writes:

"Hello from London, Milk Made! I’m here for a bit on business. I’m sending you a few photos from my trip for the site. I’ll be out of touch for a while, getting things ready for the launch of my F/W 2011 collection on Net-A-Porter, as well as the launch of my S/S 2012 collection taking place shortly after during Paris Fashion Week.

While in London, I’ve been staying at very cool boutique hotel, The Rookery, it’s in a building that was built in 17AD. The hotel is located in a part of London called Clerkenwell near Smithfield’s Market, which is London’s version of the Meat Packing District. There are no room numbers and the rooms are named after people – I’m staying in the Horace Jones room.

Things are going very well for me in London so far! I held a tech-seminar with Net-A-Porter where I had a truly great time talking about shoes and fashion for over two hours. It is very impressive to watch the Net-A-Porter team at work.

I visited Browns and met with the staff to review my product that I am collaborating on with them (It’s a bit of a secret at the moment) . That night I went to dinner with the Brown buying team, Ruth and Pam.

Yesterday I stopped by the Monocle offices to discuss some collaborations. They have an incredible view from their terrace looking into the park. I was told the park sits over a graveyard with something like 1,500 grave sites.

Today I will be meeting with Giles English, the co-owner of Bremont Watches, to discuss boots that I am making for him and his brother. They have an amazing story and make great watches. They informed me they will be flying a vintage bi-plane from London to Australia soon and need the perfect boots for the trip. How could I turn them down?

That’s all for now. Let’s discuss the details of the project when I return home.


Delighted by what he had sent us we gave his office a call to welcome him home, and see if we couldn’t meet up to discuss what could come next in his Designer Diary. However, upon calling, we were informed that he had left earlier that morning to board an international flight. There was some confusion as to whether or not it was a trip back to London or if there was another European destination on George’s itinerary, but he definitely wasn’t going to be back for a bit. It was then that we knew that George Esquivel’s Designer Diary would be doubling as a travel diary.

So, while the jet-setting shoe designer gallops from country to country, we will all just have to wait with great anticipation to see what sort of care package our eccentric adventurer will send next.

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