Designer Diaries | Katie Gallagher - Entry 4

Irene is a name New York won’t be forgetting any time soon. The heralding of this monumental hurricane sent New Yorkers fleeing to grocery stores to stock up for their weekend indoors. Designer Katie Gallagher seemed to be a bit less phased by promises of the hurricane, but still used her forced vacation to step away from the insanity of a rapidly approaching Fashion Week to have a night of arts and crafts.

Katie Gallagher: With all the hurricane talk and panic, I knew I had to stock up on essentials: two bags of candy corn, eight bags of seaweed snacks, crab sticks, one piece of chicken, a novelty-sized sake, and, well, activities!

Sadly, with fashion week coming up I wasn’t short on activities. All the beauty stuff, invites, music, lighting and set coordination, PR bits, not to mention sewing and order production; don’t let this diary mislead you, we spend all of our time in the brutality and drudgery of running a label. We just look kinda fun!

However, one thing we did take a break for was Mexican Sugar Skulls. My sister Marlee bought all the supplies to craft them as a Christmas gift for Nikolay and I. Believe me, there’s nothing like a Dia de Los Muertos during a hurricane!

When the storm didn’t quite happen—not in Chinatown anyways—I decided to go on my normal morning run over the Williamsburg Bridge. Getting back, Nikolay and I started decorating the now dried sugar skulls with royal icing, gemstones, sparkle dust, candy corn; you know, sugar skull stuff. The best part about the whole process was dying the icing different colors and eating the candy corn!

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